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Dark Pit

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This article is about the character. For the chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising, see Dark Pit (chapter).
Dark Pit
Black Pit
Darkpit artnew.png
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Gender: Male
Homeland: N/A (Nomadic)
Affiliations: Dark Team
Race: Angel
Voiced By: English:

Antony Del Rio

Minami Takayama

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising
You've got me confused with the other guy. This Pit is no pawn. I'll take care of him. But only after I've finished you!

—Dark Pit in Chapter 6.

Dark Pit, known in Japan as Black Pit (ブラックピット Burakku Pitto), is a major character in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Dark Pit is a doppelgänger of Pit and his arch-rival, created after Pit destroyed the Mirror of Truth. He is nicknamed "Pittoo" (in English releases), "Tip" (in some European releases) or "BlaPi" (in Japanese releases) by Palutena and Pit. At first, he serves as an enemy to Pit and picks fights with him multiple times, but eventually allies with his light counterpart in later parts of the game. Dark Pit can also be known as "Fallen Angel Pit"[1]. "Kuro" or "Kuro Pit" is also a popular nickname among fans ("Kuro" being the Japanese word for Black).




Pit's black palette swap as seen in Brawl.

In terms of appearance, Dark Pit is nearly identical to that of Pit, with the most obvious differences being his black clothing and hair, and dark-colored wings that may appear a deep teal depending on the lighting, but are officially described to be black[2]. The color scheme is also similar to that of the black palette swap from Brawl with some minor changes such as red eyes, gold trim on the some parts of the chiton, and gold accessories opposed to the silver. One of the few differences that is unrelated to color is the design on the hems of his tunic, as Dark Pit's has triangular patterns opposed to the vine-like ones on Pit's.


Being a mirror of Pit, Dark Pit has a notably more serious and darker personality. Dark Pit also appears to attack with more aggression and will sometimes use cheap hits in order to win, such as when he kicks Pit after Pandora was defeated. Unlike Pit, Dark Pit hates the idea of being bounded down as a servant and would rather follow his own orders. This is noticeable when Dark Pit refused to follow Pandora's orders despite being created to obey her and later refused Medusa's offer to help him take down Pit, likely thinking that she would take command of him in exchange. He also appears to be sensitive about his identity. In early parts of the game, he is constantly fighting with Pit because he is supposedly "copying his act", and dislikes being called "Pittoo" by Pit and Palutena. He does occasionally team up with Pit, ether unintentionally or to complete a similar goal. Because Dark Pit came from the Mirror of Truth, it's implied that Dark Pit is actually a personification of Pit's negative inner feelings.

He is later shown to have a dry sense of humor, or at least an ego to match Pit's, such as when the two yell out their "pre-boss-battle rallying cry". Also similarly to his light counterpart, he seems to enjoy playing other Nintendo games, as he mentioned Brain Age at one point. However, he is also much sharper compared to Pit, seeing things from a third party view due to his lack of affiliation with Hades, Viridi, or Palutena. This is shown when he accuses all three of the gods of being the cause of the chaos and wars, obviously not caring about the fact that they are gods, and also when he seems to be the first to realize that it takes more than one soul to craft an Underworld monster.

Dark Pit also does seem to have a sense of what to deem right or wrong, and acts accordingly based on that sense. This can be seen when he finds out that the Underworld god has been using souls to craft his Underworld Army, and he agrees that the evil deity needs to be stopped. Despite his lack of affiliation with the goddess of light, he does seem to care about Palutena, as he aids in rescuing her from the Chaos Kin, and states that while eating souls is bad enough, going after the soul of a goddess is just vile. Also, despite everything he had done and what Pit had sacrificed for him, he's still somewhat closed off and perhaps uncomfortable with facing Pit after everything that had happened between them.

In the very least, he likely does come to trust Pit, calling out for help from him when he ends up caught by the Chaos Kin.


As a clone of Pit, he has all the strengths of his lighter twin but with Pandora's powers, Dark Pit is granted unlimited flight. The goddess' powers also appear to give him other magical abilities and use powers on his own will instead of relying on a deity. He also has a staff named after him, but he prefers to fight with his trusty Silver Bow.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

Single Player


Dark Pit first appears in the main story at the end of Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit after Pit cracks the Mirror of Truth, which was actually a part of Pandora's devious plan to create a servant angel for herself. However, the plan backfires as the doppelgänger angel refuses to take Pandora's orders due to the mirror shattering before Dark Pit's completion. After defeating the goddess of calamity, Dark Pit kicks his lighter half away then steals Pandora's remaining powers which gives him unlimited flight. In the following chapter, Dark Pit, the dark angel is the main enemy throughout the chapter including the boss fight. During the aerial section, Dark Pit claims that he is the original, much to Pit's confusion. He is shown to possess a prototype of the Palutena Bow called the Silver Bow (which eventually becomes his favored weapon), as well as many of Pit's other arsenal. Dark Pit later makes a brief appearance in Medusa's Final Battle, in which he acts an ally to Pit and helps defeats the Underworld Gatekeeper. He makes another minor appearance in The Lunar Sanctum as a midboss along with the Lunar Sanctum Control Center.

Dark Pit abruptly appears in the end of Palutena's Temple, where he uses the Lightning Chariot to widen the entrance to the Chaos Vortex as the Chaos Kin attempts to escape with Palutena's soul. He then joins forces with Pit to fight the Chaos Kin in The Chaos Vortex, both to deal with the waves of monsters that the parasitic monster creates and the Chaos Kin itself. The dark angel states the reasoning behind his alliance with his lighter half is due to that fact that destroying Pit will result to his own destruction. After they free Palutena's spirit, the remnants of the Chaos Kin drag Dark Pit and send him falling. Pit jumps down to save him and begs Viridi to let him fly again. Viridi hesitantly complies, warning Pit of the consequences, and Dark Pit calls out to Pit to help him. Pit successfully frees him from the Chaos Kin and Viridi sends them both back to Palutena in Skyworld. Dark Pit receives burns from the fall and asks how Pit is after the rescue, only to discover that Pit is unconscious and his wings have burned off.

Due to Pit's severe injuries, Dark Pit fights in his place during Scorched Feathers, clearing the way to the Rewind Spring in the Underworld to repay the debt he owes his lighter twin. While there, he discovers that Hades has been using souls to form his monsters along with eating them himself, and Dark Pit claims that it was "about the SICKEST thing [he'd] ever heard." Once he reaches the Rewind Spring, he is stunned and falls to the ground, then finds that the spring had resurrected Pandora based from the powers he stole from her. Dark Pit dispatches her along with her second form, then dips the unconscious Pit's wings into the spring. Pit revives and Dark Pit hurries off the platform, only to find that he has lost his ability to fly so Viridi saves him from falling.

The doppelgänger angel is later seen using the Lightning Chariot again, and saves Pit from Hades after he manages to defeat Hades' Heart in Lord of the Underworld. In the final chapter, the dark angel flies past his lighter twin after he defeats Hades, and appears to be using Palutena's power of flight as Pit was using Viridi's. He flies behind Pit but doesn't say anything, instead, gives a small genuine smile before flying off to another direction.


Dark Pit also appears in Together Mode as a playable character in Light vs Dark. When the Dark Team's gauge becomes empty, the last Fighter defeated on the said team will respawn as the dark angel. It appears he and the Dark Team are just training in a friendly manner with the opposing Light Team, as both sides will help the loser get back on his feet at the end of the match.

Idol Descriptions

Dark Pit
A flawed clone of Pit created by the Mirror of Truth. He has most of Pit's strengths, and he can even fly with Pandora's powers. While he sees Pit as a rival, the two share a strange, inherent connection.

Dark Pit (Flying)
Being Pit's copy, Dark Pit was originally incapable of flight. However, he gains the ability when he absorbs Pandora's remaining power into his wings. And while he may not need help flying, he still shares a bond with his counterpart.



  • In Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, there is an enemy clone of Pit named Putt that may have drawn inspiration for Dark Pit, but it is unlikely as the Game Boy game is usually overlooked by Nintendo themselves, and the black palette swap from Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the most likely explanation for Dark Pit's existence.
  • Dark Pit was "leaked" at E3 2011 when attendees shot footage of the Together Mode demo. He wasn't officially revealed until three months later in a Nintendo Direct in September.
  • The spelling of Dark Pit's English nickname, "Pittoo", may stem from the romanization of Pit's name in Japan, ピット Pitto.
  • Humorously, Dark Pit's Japanese nickname, ブラピ Burapi, is also the nickname used among the Japanese for the actor, Brad Pitt.
  • Dark Pit continues the tradition of shadowy Nintendo doppelgängers, joining a cast that includes Shadow Mario, Dark Link, Dark Samus, Shadow Kirby, and Blood Falcon.
  • Dark Pit's musical theme is supposed to give off a "duel from old Westerns" feel but also has a bit of a Spanish flavor, according to Masahiro Sakurai.[3]
    • An earlier version of Dark Pit's Theme can be heard in the E3 2011 trailer that uses vastly different instruments. It had more emphasis on violins opposed to the acoustic guitars in the final version.
  • Dark Pit is one of two characters in Uprising that has played the role of an ally, boss, and playable character. The other is Magnus.
  • Dark Pit is also one of the three characters who have been a mini-boss and a boss. The others are Hades and Hewdraw.
  • Dark Pit is fought more than any other character in the game, being faced a total of five times, four times in Chapter 6 and once along with the Lunar Sanctum Control Centre in Chapter 13



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