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Help Guide


Are you a reader of Icaruspedia and find a mistake in an article? Are you an editor of Icaruspedia and wish to become a Staff member? Are you interested in affiliating your wiki with Icaruspedia? This is the Contact page for contacting Icaruspedia Staff. This page will mention the various ways in which you can contact our staff members. The easiest way to contact us is by contacting us via e-mail. All of our staff members have access to that e-mail and can respond right away. For inquiries about the articles of this wiki and its content contact our Editor in Chief, RicketyTrigger at ricketytrigger@hotmail.com. For business inquiries and affiliation requests, contact our Public Affairs Director, Starphoria at kylebakerix@gmail.com.

If you wish to contact a specific staff member, this page will show you the ways in which you can do that as well. Contact our Staff members on their talkpage if you are a registered user and have a question about the wiki. You can contact our staff members by e-mail if you wish to affiliate (preferably Starphoria), want to talk about a change in the wiki, etc. Contact our Staff members via Skype if you have a question about the wiki, wish to affiliate, want to talk about a change, etc. If none of our Staff members get to you within 72 hours, try asking again, or ask one of our other users.

Talk Pages

This table lists each of our Staff member's talk pages.

Name Rights Talk Page
DoctorFantastic Administrator Talk Page
Maxite Technical Director/Bureaucrat Talk Page
RicketyTrigger Editor-in-Chief/Bureaucrat Talk Page
SiegfreidZ Bureaucrat Talk Page
Starphoria Public Affairs Director/Bureaucrat Talk Page
The Forgotten Beast Administrator Talk Page
Anothrgamer1234 Administrator Talk Page
ToastUltimatum Administrator Talk Page
Kirbman Administrator Talk Page


This table lists each of our Staff member's email addresses, in which you can use to contact them.

Name Staff Member's Position Email Address Additional method
Wiki E-mail Address Staff icaruspedia@gmail.com
DoctorFantastic Administrator dragontalkatya@hotmail.com
Maxite Technical Director/Bureaucrat mezamee@gmail.com
RicketyTrigger Editor-in-Chief/Bureaucrat ricketytrigger@hotmail.com
SiegfreidZ Bureaucrat siegfreidz@hotmail.com
Starphoria Public Affairs Director/Bureaucrat kylebakerix@gmail.com Skype: bakerkylepr
The Forgotten Beast Administrator sweatshirt_shiro@hotmail.ca
Anothrgamer1234 Administrator N/A
ToastUltimatum Administrator toastultimatum@gmail.com #sw IRC (GameSurge)
Kirbman Administrator kirbman101@gmail.com


This table lists each of our Staff member's Skype accounts. We can also add you to the Icaruspedia Skype Chat for general wiki discussion. See Icaruspedia:Skype for more info.

Name Rights Skype Username
DoctorFantastic Administrator None
Maxite Technical Director/Bureaucrat mjsvenn
RicketyTrigger Editor-in-Chief/Bureaucrat ricketytrigger
SiegfreidZ Bureaucrat siegfreidz
Starphoria Public Affairs Director/Bureaucrat bakerkylepr
The Forgotten Beast Administrator johndoethe2nd
Anothrgamer1234 Administrator Anothrgamer1234
ToastUltimatum Administrator TaleOfTheToaster
Kirbman Administrator kirbman101