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Lightning Battle

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Lightning Battle
Chapter14 new.png
Preceded By: The Lunar Sanctum
Followed By: Mysterious Invaders
Locations: Thunder Cloud Temple
Major Characters: Phosphora, Thanatos

Lightning Battle is the fourteenth chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising, in which Pit battles one of Viridi's commanders, Phosphora. This level takes place in a temple located within thunder clouds, being appropriately named Thunder Cloud Temple. The Forces of Nature and the electrified temple keeps Pit on his toes in this exciting chapter.


Aerial Mission

This chapter starts off with Pit trying to leap out of the door before nearly being blown to smithereens by a burst of energy blasting through the door. Palutena tells Pit that Hades has rejoined the battle between Viridi and Pit. Hades revived Thanatos, putting him back into the position of commander. Thanatos is in a heated battle with one of Viridi's top commanders, Phosphora, the warrior of lightning. Pit dodges both the Underworld Army and the Forces of Nature's attacks as well as avoiding the battle of commanders. After a while, Phosphora defeats Thanatos, and retreats to Thunder Cloud Temple to recharge. Palutena tells Pit to attack Phosphora before she fully recharges. Pit enters the thunder clouds surrounding the temple, but Phosphora begins to fire electrical beams which he must dodge. Once he dodges her attacks, Pit lands outside of the temple and heads in.

Ground Mission

Before Pit heads in, Palutena warns Pit of the electric columns and walls. If Pit were to touch a wall, Palutena will yell at Pit because she warned him, but he didn't listen. Once inside, Palutena tells Pit to destroy the gem to shut off some of the power. Phosphora shrugs this off, and Pit moves forward. When Palutena tells Pit about the train car, Phosphora allows him to do so because it isn't her place. After a conversation about Phosphora "squatting" in the temple, she accepts Pit's challenge. Phosphora then calls Pit a "yes-man" and cute, to which he blushes, making Phosphora call him cute again. Palutena says that Pit embarrasses easily, to which Phosphora replies with "don't give it a second thought... ma'am" causing Palutena and Phosphora then get into a fight about their age. After Pit makes the air current in the next room powerful, Phosphora will say that he "has brains and brawn". After Pit fights the enemies in the next room, he will reach a room with many floors and electric currents, which Phosphora calls "perfectly safe". Once all the enemies are defeated, the next room will open up with another power gem. After Pit destroys the gem, he can fall down a hole to a grind rail leading to the final passage to the boss. Defeating enemies along the way, Pit will go through the door to reach a jump pad to the boss door.

Zodiac Chamber

The Libra Sponge power can be found in a room just before the boss fight with Phosphora. All Pit must do is simply dodge through the electric fence blocking the doorway to get to the Zodiac Chamber.

Boss Battle

Phosphora preparing for battle.

Phosphora is the boss of this level. She is incredibly fast and zips around the battlefield at great speed. She is a fierce warrior specialized in lightning-based moves, so all of her attacks are electrified and may cause paralysis. Phosphora can attack with electric orbs of many varieties and send columns of electricity at Pit. She has a powerful charging attack that can cause electrical bolts to ricochet off the surrounding posts.


After taking enough hits, Phosphora will go down while stating she takes back what she said earlier about Pit being cute. Without Phosphora running the temple, it collapses and Palutena tells Hades that she and Pit will be after him soon.

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