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Aliases: Starphoria, Phoriastar, Star
Gender: Male
Appearances: Icaruspedia, Starfy Wiki, F-Zero Wiki/Mute
Skype bakerkylepr
Those who only read the first page never truly know the story.

Hey there, welcome to my userpage. My name is Starphoria, but you knew that already. I am one of the staff members here, I handle most (if not all) wiki relations, staff promotions, etc. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or another staff member. Aside from administrating Icaruspedia, I am also a staff member over at our fellow NIWA-members Starfy Wiki and F-Zero Wiki.


Skype: bakerkylepr


To-Do List

  • Create pages for AR Cards - Main Priority
  • Cleanup and rewording of current articles - Second priority