Exo Tank

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Exo Tank
Type: Vehicle
Specializes In: Transportation, Melee/Ranged Combat
Strengths: Fast movement speed, strong ramming attack
Weaknesses: Difficult to aim

The Exo Tank is one of the three "vehicle of the gods" introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising that Pit can drive. It is known in Japan as the Beetle. The Exo Tank is the first vehicle encountered by Pit, continuing to be the most common found as well.


Pit driving the Exo Tank

The Exo Tank appears to be a bronze and gold, chariot-like device that uses jet propulsion to get around. It also has a pair of glowing, green wheels, and a single gem on the front. The most notable feature is the three, large stag-like blades in front of the vehicle. These can rapidly fire energy bolts at enemies in front of the vehicle, while its speed allows it to outmaneuver most enemy attacks. It can also attack enemies by ramming into them. The Special Attack is a simple Turbo Boost that increases damage if the angel rams into some enemies. Apart from this, this boost is frequently used to get across certain obstacles that would otherwise be inaccessible for Pit alone to get through. This feature is unique to the Exo Tank, since both the Cherubot and the Aether Ring are not needed to finish certain chapters.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Pit attacking with the Exo Tank

The Exo Tank is first seen in Chapter 5, Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit. The room where it is encountered was purposely built by Pandora for the vehicle, having a long track for Pit to use. From then on, the Tank is almost always found near a track built for its use. As mentioned above, the Exo Tank is an important vehicle, since without it, certain obstacles would be impossible. This is most notable in Chapters 19 and 20.

Idol Description

The Exo Tank is a vehicle of the gods whose powerful drift ability makes travel a cinch. It even has a boost feature that increases the user's speed and jumps. And while it can fire shots, its more valuable asset is its ramming horn.


  • Judging by its Japanese name and design, this vehicle is likely inspired by a male stag or rhinoceros beetle. Its English name could also be a reference to the exoskeleton of a beetle.

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