Magnus Club

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Reason: Needs base melee damage
Magnus Club
Type: Club
Specializes In: Melee combat
Strengths: Hard-hitting melee attacks, fast charge time, boosts movement speed
Weaknesses: Very short range

The Magnus Club is a Club that appears in Kid Icarus: Uprising. As the name suggests, it is modeled after Magnus's own weapon. As such, it has extremely powerful melee attacks and increases the player's speed. However, its range is by far the shortest of any weapon, making it useless outside of close quarters.

Idol description

Designed to look like Magnus's sword, this club is at the top of its class in melee power and even boosts the speed of its user! Its shots barely have any range, making it the rare weapon exclusively suited for close combat.

Base statistics

Weapon data is for weapons with zero ranged and melee stars with no mods to them. Distance refers to the maximum range a shot can travel, measured with non-homing shots. Damage (near) refers to the damage done when the target is as close as possible. Damage (far) refers to the damage given at maximum range. The symbol "—" means the corresponding stat is not applicable to that specific attack.

Air battles

Attack Distance Damage Shots
Continuous (shot)* 40.0 - 50.0
Continuous (melee)* 40.0 - 70.0
Charged 70.0m 66.2 1
Melee hit* 60.0 - 80.0
Special attack 110.0m 178.0 1

* Damage dealt corresponds to accuracy.

Land battles

Attack Distance Damage (near) Damage (far) Shots
Standing continuous ? ?
Forward-dash continuous ? ?
Side-dash continuous ? ?
Backward-dash continuous ? ?
Standing charged 10.0m 40.0 40.0 1
Forward-dash charged 14.0m 74.4 74.4 1
Side-dash charged 12.0m 68.4 68.4 1
Backward-dash charged 9.0m 9.0 11.2 8
Melee hit 1 ?
Melee hit 2 ?
Melee dash ?

Weapon fusion

This weapon follows standard weapon fusion rules.