Arms Altar

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Arms Altar
Arms Altar.png
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Origin: Divine Structure
Location: Skyworld (Palutena's Temple)
Inhabited By: Pit, Palutena, Centurion Strongarm

The Arms Altar is an important feature found in the main hub of Palutena's Temple in Kid Icarus: Uprising. This mode is dedicated to Weapons and Powers. The Arms Altar features a total of three distinct options. These are: buying weapons, "selling" them, and fusing them. Visiting all current weapons and Powers is also possible here. A door to the right of the staircase is where the Altar is found.


Redeem Hearts

This mode can be used to buy weapons with hearts you have earned. The weapon's price is proportional to its value, with the most powerful weapons costing well over fifty thousand hearts. At some points, a "Sale" is put on one of the weapons, lowering the amount of hearts needed to purchase the weapons. The weapons available are random and change after clearing a chapter. Pressing the Y button, as in many modes, will show the weapon you have equipped. Palutena runs the shop.

Fuse Weapons

This mode allows you to fuse weapons without using hearts. A "\" mark shows that you cannot fuse a particular weapon with itself. However, if you fuse two of the same type of weapon (e.g. Jetstream Orbitars and Jetstream Orbitars) it can fuse into another weapon. An "X" mark shows that you have not unlocked the weapon yet. The weapons can be categorized into five categories: Strength, A to Z, Category, Order Used, and Order Acquired. The grid is divided in two sections: the "A" and "B" section for horizontal and vertical navigation.

Convert to Hearts

This mode allows you to "dismantle" weapons in order to convert them to hearts. The higher the value of the weapon, the higher the hearts are worth. They are categorized into five lists: Hearts, Strength, A to Z, Category and Order Used. A Centurion Strongarm provides this service.


From here, the player is able to view all Powers and Weapons currently in his/her possession. Regarding powers, the player can view their stats and stack them accordingly to take into battle. An Autofill button allows the goddess to fill up any gaps remaining for you on your power grid. As for Weapons, the player can view stats, mark as favorites, and even try them out in a Land Battle area. Gear Mode is also accessible in the Solo Mode main menu and inside the Practice Range option.


  • Depending which goddess' domain the player chooses, Palutena's role will be switched with Viridi, and the Centurion Strongarm will be changed to an Urgle.

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