Chaos Kin and Palutena (AR Card)

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Chaos Kin and Palutena
Chaos Kin and Palutena.jpg
Affiliation: Chaos Kin
HP: 527
Attack: 80
Speed: 120
AKDE/P/J: 056

This article is about the AR Card. For the Kid Icarus series' two characters, see Palutena and/or Chaos Kin.

Chaos Kin and Palutena (AKDE 056- Chaos Kin and Palutena) is an AR Card used for AR Battle Mode in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Chaos Kin and Palutena is a Chaos Kin card.

Idol Description

"The Chaos Kin binds Palutena to its will, manipulating her form like a foul puppet. By doing so, the Chaos Kin simultaneously shields itself and forces Pit to attack the goddess he serves."

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