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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Melee Combat
Strengths: Extended melee combos, increased speed
Weaknesses: Low shot homing and range

Claws (射爪 Shasou) are a pair of dangerous weapons worn on each hand. They are one of the many new weapon types introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Claws are designed to move faster when used in melee attacks, although they typically have shorter range than other weapons. Claws' melee combos consist of five attacks, which is more than any other weapon.


Aside from Orbitars, claws are the only weapons that automatically come in a pairs. Pit wears them over each of his hands, and are very fast at close range. Like the Blade, they are also capable of rapid-fire attacks and charged shots. For their special attack, Pit will spin around very fast whilst the claws produce an onslaught of whirlwind projectiles that will cut through enemy forces. Many Claw variants have names that are inspired by animals.


The different types of claws are as follows:

Claw Variants




Tiger Claws

The basic claws, which are pictured above. They strike with the precision and speed of a mighty tiger.

Wolf Claws

A pair of claws engulfed in flames, that can burn opponents. The Wolf Claws have an unusual trait of being capable of firing guided dash shots.

Bear Claws

A pair of claws resembling those of a bear. Although their melee attacks are strong, they are also somewhat slow. Its projectile attacks are also quite strong, but have a short range.

Brawler Claws

An oddly clawless version with the appearance of clenched fists. They lack power, but the Brawler Claws are one of the fastest weapons in the game, allowing the user to fire blasts of swinging fists at an incredible speed while also increasing the user's movement speed more than any other weapon in the game. However, they have a very short range.

Stealth Claws

This variation has transparent blades and is decorated with bandages and sunglasses. These claws fire invisible projectiles and barely make a sound while attacking, but do less melee damage.

Hedgehog Claws

A mechanical-looking set of claws with three spiky needles. Its rate of fire is very high, although the shots themselves do not do much damage. However, they charge quickly and significantly boost its user's speed.

Raptor Claws

A variant that appears to fit over the entire hand, resembling the claws of a prehistoric raptor. They have more powerful melee and ranged attacks, but charge slowly.

Artillery Claws

A type of claws with an intimidating and mechanical appearance, with blades shaped like missiles. Unlike most claws, they have low power in melee combat but excel at long ranges.

Cancer Claws

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this pair of claws is inspired by the fourth sign of the Zodiac and resembles a crab's claws. It can be found in a Zodiac Chamber in Chapter 8, hidden behind a group of constellations in the hold of the Space Pirates' ship; falling off the first platform in the room and then walking counterclockwise will allow access to the chamber. Unlike most weapons, the Cancer Claws' continuous fire increases the user's movement speed while firing.

Beam Claws

A pair of claws with blades made from energy. Its projectiles travel faster than those of other claws and have a range on par with most Bows, but it has no homing ability and does not inflict much melee damage.

Viridi Claws

A pair of claws inspired by the appearance of Viridi. Its continuous fire has good homing ability, while its charge shots can paralyze enemies.

Pandora Claws

A pair of dark claws that have Pandora's eyes and flames on them. It can fire a variety of dark energy shots. Its back dash charge shot is a large non-mobile red projectile that has Pandora's eyes shown on them. The projectile can be used for defensive purposes and fades after a few moments.


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