Desert Tomb

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Desert Tomb
Desert Tomb.jpg
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Origin: Together Mode stage
Location: Overworld
Inhabited By: N/A

Desert Tomb is normally the sixth stage encountered by Fighters in Together Mode of Kid Icarus: Uprising. This part indoor part outdoor stage is split into three distinct levels, all joined by a massive square-open hole in the middle of the stage.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

A desert-based arena located around a tiled building. It has a long, open balcony in addition to its smaller indoor areas. Accessing one side of the balcony requires a rather hidden Jump Pad to use. Running across one side of the balcony to the other is impossible unless a Jumping Power is used. Main fights occur within the huge underground room in the center of the stage. Escaping and entering this location is quite simple thanks to an orange Jump Pad and a huge open rooftop above the area. For sneaky attackers, the two main respawning areas are within the building near the parallel staircases or outside of battlegrounds in the outskirts of the desert. This stage is relatively bare, the three levels it's split into being the basis of the stage.