Insight Staff (AR Card)

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Insight Staff
Insight staff ar card.jpg
Affiliation: Staff (Weapon)
HP: 500
Attack: 150
Speed: 67
AKDE/P/J: 092

This article is about the AR Card. For the Kid Icarus series' actual weapon, see Insight Staff.

Insight Staff (AKDE 092- Insight Staff) is an AR Card used for AR Battle Mode in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The Insight Staff is a Staff card.

Idol Description

"Staffs have long attack ranges with shots that generally get stronger the farther they travel. They're weak in melee combat, however. The Insight Staff is a well-balanced choice for learning this type of weapon."


Every copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising came packaged with one weapon card from a pool composed of one example from each of the nine weapon types. Staffs were represented by this card.

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