Palutena (AR Card)

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Palutena AR Card.png
Affiliation: Palutena's Army
HP: 493
Attack: 140
Speed: 75
AKDE/P/J: 002

This article is about the AR Card. For the Kid Icarus series' main protagonist, see Palutena.

Palutena (AKDE 002- Palutena) is an AR Card used for AR Battle Mode in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Palutena is a Palutena's Army card.

Idol Description

"The goddess of light and ruler of Skyworld. Palutena guides Pit through most of his journey, using her powers to help him protect the humans of the surface world from her archnemesis, Medusa, goddess of the Underworld. "

E3 2011 Edition

A version of this card featuring different artwork was given out during a preview of the game at E3 2011. Notably, the eight cards created during this pre-release period are missing the stained glass section that serves as the code scanned by the system to interpret the card on display. As a result they are specially programmed into the game such that the cards' images themselves can be interpreted.


This card was packaged with every copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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