Goddess of Calamity, Pandora (AR Card)

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Goddess of Calamity, Pandora
Pandora ar card.jpg
Affiliation: Underworld Army
HP: 757
Attack: 90
Speed: 75
AKDE/P/J: 014

This article is about the AR Card. For the Kid Icarus series' recurring boss, see Pandora.

Pandora (AKDE 014-Goddess of Calamity, Pandora) is an AR Card used for AR Battle Mode in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Pandora is an Underworld Army card.

Idol Description

"As the goddess of disaster and calamity, Pandora builds the Labyrinth of Deceit, where she's thought to be using the Mirror of Truth to create Underworld troops. Though she sounds jaded, it's just an act, for she delights in trickery."


This card was available in the United States in issue 403 of BestBuy's @Gamer magazine along with (086) Samurai Blade and (403) Pit (Rally Cry).

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