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Project Tops

Content Categories
[Category:Games] : All games and game-divided content
[Category:Characters] : All characters, allies, enemies, etc...
[Category:Items] : All items, objects, power ups, etc...
[Category:Locations] : All locations and places in the games and media...
[Category:Media] : Non-videogame media: anime, manga, TV shows, books, magazines, etc...
[Category:People] : People involved in the series. Producers, Directors, Voice Actors, etc...
[Category:Companies] : Companies involved in the series.
[Category:Other] : All other pages or categories that don't fit in the above (merchandise, mechanics, glitches, etc...)
Internal Categories
[Category:Information] : Help & Information about Icaruspedia (subcats: Cat:Icaruspedia and Cat:Help)
[Category:Templates] : Templates used by the wiki.

Project SOS

Top Priority

Quality Standards
Citation Policy

Medium Priority

File Deletion Policy
Inter-wiki Policy

Low Priority

Talk Pages
User Accounts


  • Help:Getting Started == make sure left matches right
  • Help:Reference == may want to link to templates using Template:T or {{[[Template:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]}}
  • Add pages on Categories, Templates, and Files for Advanced Editors
  • Help:Talk_Pages == good
  • Help:User_Accounts == broken link
  • Help:Color_codes == expanding to cover how to change color of texts, div, tables (including whole, row, and cell), and span
  • Help:Moving_pages == may wish to expand
  • Help:Archiving == add somewhere on telling pagesize
  • Help:Contents == add more categories


  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Administrators
  • Quality Standards
  • Wiki Info

MINEFIELD (Script Testing)

Kid Icarus Uprising Trailer

I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves
Everybody's nerves
Yes on everybody's nerves
I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves
And this is how it goes