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Palutena: Pit, did you hear? The Cross-Wiki Week event is coming up!

Pit: "Cross-Wiki Week event"? What's that, Lady Palutena?

Palutena: The Cross-Wiki Week is an annual event created by the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, or NIWA, to celebrate the anniversary of Nintendo's creation! The purpose of the event is to invite editors from other wikis to help out on smaller wikis or wikis they rarely edit.

Pit: Oh, I see! So, say I never edited SmashWiki before. I just find something that needs improvement and... improve it?

Palutena: Basically! If you don't have an account, you should make one! Who knows, you just may find yourself taking on another project.

Pit: But there are so many wikis to choose from... How will I know what to fix?

Palutena: Each wiki should have something resembling a to-do list. For example, the Super Mario Wiki has a maintenance page you can look through. Additionally, it's a good idea to pick something from a game you know about. You'll have a better chance at finding something you can fix from a game you've played than one you haven't!

Pit: Make sense to me. How long does this event last?

Palutena: The event for this year goes from September 23rd to October 1st. But that's not all! Every participant with an account will be in the running to win a $20 / €20 Nintendo Gift Card for the Nintendo Switch's eShop!

Pit: Whoa, a reward? Then there's no reason not to edit!

Palutena: The only requirement is you have to edit a wiki that you normally don't edit or haven't edited at all. Additionally, only the edits you've made during the event will count. Once you've made your contributions, you can submit them into the form at the bottom of this page, which also has more details on the event.

Pit: Wh-Wait a minute! We have a lot of work to do here on Icaruspedia, too!

Palutena: You're right about that. We're missing quite a lot of images and some articles could use improvements. For more information on how to edit appropriately, you should visit our help guide or contact one of the admins!

Pit: Man, there's a lot to do. I guess we better break out the Centurions and get started!

Palutena: Get out there and edit, but remember to have fun! Pick a wiki down below and see what you can do!

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