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Icaruspedia (Kid Icarus Wiki) is a wiki dedicated to covering information about the Kid Icarus games, media, and related franchises. Since its independence on 8 January 2012, we are working hard to provide the best, detailed, and most accurate information available. On 23 March 2012 during the North American release of Uprising, Icaruspedia became the twentieth member of NIWA.

Special Thanks

  • Maxite - For providing independent hosting after the move away from the Wikia version.
  • Starphoria and SiegfreidZ - For major assistance in moving the wiki, and helping get the wiki set up.
  • RicketyTrigger - The wiki's first Editor in Chief.
  • BrandedOne - For providing the wiki's logo and forum banner images.
  • The Forgotten Beast - For providing images used on the Main Page, and the background of the Monobook and Vector skins on the wiki.
  • DoctorFantastic and Anothrgamer1234 - For major content help.
  • Dkpat - For providing the "icarus" skin for the wiki.
  • Dr. Pain 99 - For setting up the wiki's IRC.