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Help Guide


Executive Board

Members of the Executive Board are the highest ranking staff, get administrator and bureaucrat rights, and oversee all aspects of the wiki.

Username Contact Position Activity
Alex95 Talk page Public Affairs Director Active
Prod Talk page Technical Director Active
Maxite Talk page Technical Director Inactive
RicketyTrigger Talk page Editor-in-Chief Semi-Active


Administrators are the basic staff. They help maintain day-to-day order and lead in projects.

Username Contact Position Activity
ToastUltimatum Talk page Administrator Semi-Active

Retired Staff

These members were demoted, but are still trustworthy with their edits. If active, they can be contacted to help with editing, but should not be contacted to handle admin matters.

Username Contact Previous Position Reason for Demotion Activity
Anothrgamer1234 Talk page Administrator Inactivity Inactive
DoctorFantastic Talk page Administrator Inactivity Inactive
The Forgotten Beast Talk page Administrator Inactivity Inactive
SiegfriedZ Talk page Bureaucrat Inactivity Inactive
Starphoria Talk page Bureaucrat Stepped down Inactive