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Hello there, I'm just another ordinary guy living on a planet called Earth in a country known as Canada (eh). I'm the current Editor-in-Chief of this wiki. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions (such as future poll topics), just simply contact me on my talk page.

Disclaimer About Articles

Because the Kid Icarus series is such a small one, the fanbase is equally small, so there aren't that many (active) users on this wiki. Due to low activity, there may be lots of articles that may have inaccurate and/or outdated information, articles that are missing important information, or articles that aren't even made yet. I apologize if any major (or minor) mistakes found here have been overlooked. So, I advise you to contact me or any other (active) staff member, or create an account to help fix any mistakes and/or create new articles.

Also, regarding Japanese translations on this site, I get some of them from a Japanese friend I know who lives in Japan. Unfortunately, his English isn't perfect, so the translations he provides me may be very off in some parts, so if you can provide better translations, feel free to do so.

About Me

I don't really like to talk about myself a lot (you can tell by my barebones profile). I'm a big fan of Nintendo in general. I'm also a massive voice actor enthusiast, which explains why I seem to add so much detail regarding voice acting around here.


  • Articles that are still needed (red linked ones in particular)