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This page covers Icaruspedia's citation policy. Users must follow these rules when citing sources.

For how to cite sources, see Help:References.

Why Sourcing?

On Icaruspedia, we mainly take our information we put in the article from those it is all about - the games, anime, and other media. Sometimes, we also take information from official gameplay guides, official websites, and press on info of upcoming news. In order to ensure our credibility and style, but still be able to use press as a source, we need to cite our sources. However, sometimes mistakes slip by. See our disclaimer for more information.

What needs references? What does not need references?

References are needed when you take information that is not taken directly from the source. These could include a game manual, official or nonofficial websites and magazines, and similar sources.

There is no need to cite the game itself. Any information you observe from the game by simply playing it can be written into the article without a source - we do not want to flood the articles with references. On the other hand, information derived from in-game quotes should be cited exactly as it appears in the dialogue using the proper templates.

What to put into References?

To cite a written source, which you cannot provide a link to, you only need to state it exactly. Remember that a reference section does not always need a link.

To cite websites, you add a link to the page, a date when the info became published on that site (when available), and use the page's title as the link name:

Smash Bros. DOJO!! (Retrieved on 2024-4-20)

See also: Referencing Quality Standards