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A user most known for file management. This page is still under construction. See also: The talk page, The sandbox, Project Purge, my updates discord.


Caps = Capitalization
FNC = File Name Change - I usually use this on any changed talk pages
RFC = Renamed for Consistency - Like files, such as character icons, should be similarly named. These are usually minor fixes.
TR = Technical Rename - removing or changing things like punctuation, unnecessary numbers, or files with weird issues in them. Files should have no punctuation other than a sparingly used hyphen.
RFA = Renamed for Accuracy - Spelling errors, wrong names, poor formatting, or lack of specified game. More-specific-to-the-image naming. This is about 85% of when the main file name is changed. These are usually major fixes.
NCR = Naming Conflict Rename - Files that are almost identically named that are renamed to avoid confusing the two. Hypothetical examples: Kirby.png vs. Kirby.PNG, or Dedede1.png vs. Dedede 1.png
RIF = Removed Image:/File: - Using <Gallery> means you don't need to use "Image:" (which shouldn't really be used anyway) or "File:". If I'm passing through a gallery, I'll try to remove any I see. It may also mean changing Image: to File: for single images.
UPI = Unused Personal Image
ECE = Edit Conflict Error


See also: My sandbox


Other notes

Additionally, please don't ask me about my personal life, I'd greatly appreciate it. I do make cool music for fun though

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