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An Idol.

Idols are collectables obtained though the Idol Toss minigame in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Idols are 3D models of almost every in-game content, including weapons, characters, monsters, items, and locations. The Idol also includes a short description of the model. Getting every Idol rewards the player with a First Blade with high stats.

Idols are obtained in a variety of ways. They can be won through the Idol Toss, unlocked in Treasure Hunts, a prize in Together Mode, scanning AR Cards, or looted from enemies by hitting them with the Idol Transformation Power.

Idol Toss

Idol Toss is a minigame where Pit can collect new Idols by flinging eggs out of a bowl.

How to play

As Pit completes stages, play Together Mode and participates in AR Battle Mode, he'll accumulate eggs. When placed in the bowl, a percentage will be displayed, which is the chance of receiving a new Idol. Not all Idols can be tossed at the beginning, as first he must have seen what the Idol is based off of before being able to toss for them, increasing the percentage for the toss with every new idol available to be tossed. As Pit collects more Idols, the chance of getting a new one decreases. Multiple eggs can be placed in the bowl to increase the percentage, but only 5 can be stocked at once.

Players should be careful with the eggs, as one is dropped from the bowl at high height, they'll break when they hit the ground. If Pit takes an egg but decides to not use it, it's best to place it gently on the bottom; it'll reappear on the right after the next toss.


There are several different colors of eggs, each of which can drastically increase the percentage of getting a new idol. Obtaining an Idol decreases the chance of getting a new Idol during the next toss.

  • White: Base chance.
  • Green: Base chance+5%.
  • Blue: Base chance+10%.
  • Red: Base chance+20%.