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The Power icons chosen by Pit in Land Battle.

Powers are mechanics in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are abilities created by Palutena that grant Pit special effects or perform even more powerful attacks during Land Battles. They show up on the lower left corner of the touch screen on the Nintendo 3DS. They can be activated by either touching the power icons, or using the D-Pad (default controls). Players can have a limited number of different powers at a time, but most can be used more than once. Before battle, players can make their own various sets of powers using the power pieces on a grid, or allow Palutena to randomly fill them up. Rarer and higher level powers take up more space on the grid. Powers can also be utilized in Together Mode, and a few are exclusive to that mode. Powers can be found inside Treasure Boxes or as rewards after a match in Together Mode. Some powers must be be unlocked by satisfying objectives on Treasure Hunt.

If the player obtains all powers in the game, an illustration of Pit and Medusa will be revealed.

List of Powers


Power - Sky Jump.png

Sky Jump
Power - Rocket Jump.png

Rocket Jump
Power - Jump Glide.png

Jump Glide
Power - Angelic Missile.png

Angelic Missile
Power - Super Speed.png

Super Speed
Power - Warp.png



Power - Idol Transformation.png

Idol Transformation
Power - Mega Laser.png

Mega Laser
Power - Explosive Flame.png

Explosive Flame
Power - Black Hole.png

Black Hole
Power - Meteor Shower.png

Meteor Shower
Power - Land Mine.png

Land Mine
Power - Reflect Barrier.png

Reflect Barrier
Power - Heavenly Light.png

Heavenly Light
Power - Spite.png



Power - Autoreticle.png

Power - Weak-Point Reticle.png

Weak-Point Reticle
Power - Quick Charge.png

Quick Charge
Power - Homing Boost.png

Homing Boost
Power - Slip Shot.png

Slip Shot
Power - Invisible Shots.png

Invisible Shots
Power - Random Effect.png

Random Effect
Power - Poison Attack.png

Poison Attack
Power - Paralyze Attack.png

Paralyze Attack
Power - Weaken Attack.png

Weaken Attack
Power - Spin Attack.png

Spin Attack
Power - Petrify Attack.png

Petrify Attack
Power - Shake Attack.png

Shake Attack
Power - Confuse Attack.png

Confuse Attack
Power - Burn Attack.png

Burn Attack
Power - Freeze Attack.png

Freeze Attack
Power - Instant Death Attack.png

Instant Death Attack
Power - Eggplant Attack.png

Eggplant Attack
Power - Tempura Attack.png

Tempura Attack
Power - Power Thief.png

Power Thief
Power - Energy Charge.png

Energy Charge
Power - Libra Sponge.png

Libra Sponge


Power - Darkness.png

Power - Interference.png

Power - Virus.png



Power - Super Armor.png

Super Armor
Power - Brief Invincibility.png

Brief Invincibility
Power - Tirelessness.png

Power - Lightweight.png

Power - Trade-off.png

Power - Aries Armor.png

Aries Armor


Power - Bumblebee.png

Power - Counter.png

Power - Transparency.png

Power - Playing Dead.png

Playing Dead
Power - Heart Booster.png

Heart Booster


Power - Health Recovery.png

Health Recovery
Power - Crisis Recovery.png

Crisis Recovery
Power - Effect Recovery.png

Effect Recovery
Power - Pisces Heal.png

Pisces Heal


Power - Item Vacuum.png

Item Vacuum
Power - Throwing Boost.png

Throwing Boost
Power - Double Item.png

Double Item


Power - Celestial Firework.png

Celestial Firework
Power - Fortune's Jukebox.png

Fortune's Jukebox
Power - Random.png



The unused locked power icon
  • There is an icon of a locked power in Kid Icarus: Uprising's files, but it cannot be seen in game.

Movement Angelic MissileJump GlideRocket JumpSky JumpSuper SpeedWarp
Attack Black HoleExplosive FlameHeavenly LightIdol TransformationLand MineMega LaserMeteor ShowerReflect BarrierSpite
Enhance AutoreticleBurn AttackConfuse AttackEggplant AttackEnergy ChargeFreeze AttackHoming BoostInstant Death AttackInvisible ShotsLibra SpongeParalyze AttackPetrify AttackPoison AttackPower ThiefQuick ChargeRandom EffectShake AttackSlip ShotSpin AttackTempura AttackWeak-Point ReticleWeaken Attack
Debuff DarknessInterferenceVirus
Buff Aries ArmorBrief InvincibilityLightweightSuper ArmorTirelessnessTrade-off
Maneuvers BumblebeeCounterHeart BoosterPlaying DeadTransparency
Recovery Crisis RecoveryEffect RecoveryHealth RecoveryPisces Heal
Item Double ItemItem VacuumThrowing Boost
Miscellanous Celestial FireworkFortune's JukeboxRandom