Land Mine

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Land Mine is a Power in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Land Mine can be used in Solo mode and Together mode.


When activated, the player character will place a land mine at their feet. Despite what the Power's description says, there is a small glint that signifies where the land mine has been placed, although opponents on multiplayer may have difficulty seeing it, especially in the chaos of battle. Once placed, the land mine will begin to count down, going off after about fifteen seconds have passed. If an enemy crosses the land mine, it will go off immediately, dealing 60 points of damage to anyone in the blast radius. The blast will not affect the character that placed the land mine, nor any members of their team when playing Light vs. Dark. Only one Land Mine can be placed at a time.

Despite being a Red Attack Power, Land Mine only blocks off Interference and Virus, rather than any of the Red Attack Powers.

Unlock requirements

  • Level 1: Chapter 1: Destroy 100 enemies and clear the chapter.
  • Level 2:
  • Level 3:


Icon Type Description Level Uses Size Shape
Attack Plant an invisible bomb on the ground. Lv. 1 2 5


Lv. 2 4 6


Lv. 3 6 7


Lv. 4 No Level 4 variant

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