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TOSE's logo.

TOSE Co. Ltd (also referred to as Tose[1], but commonly appearing as 'TOSE' in games that it has developed) is a Japanese video game development company. TOSE originated from a private business in 1952 which would eventually form the establishment of its parent company, Toaseiko. In 1979, TOSE branched off from Toaseiko to become an independent company specialising in the development and sale of arcade video game machines. [2] Since its inception in 1979, TOSE is believed to have contributed to the development of over 1,000 games [3], but have a policy almost never to credit themselves in games due to confidentiality agreements. [4] According to an interview from the American Nintendo Power magazine, TOSE are 'always behind the scenes' and like it that way.

There are various exceptions to this trend where TOSE are listed as developers. A notable example is all games in The Legendary Starfy series, because the series was conceived by both Nintendo and TOSE. TOSE shares the copyright to The Legendary Starfy series with Nintendo. Another example is games in the Game & Watch Gallery series (as of 1997).

In a report from the Australian Classification Board, it was revealed that TOSE developed Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters.[5] This is supported in an interview with Japanese developer Hideyo Kawaguchi, who is listed as having worked on the enemies and effects. [6]

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