Vegetable Army

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The Vegetable Army

The Vegetable Army are a group of vegetables that were accidentally brought to life by Palutena's rejuvenator potion. They were the main antagonists of the animated short Palutena's Revolting Dinner.


Palutena had been planning to make her special "Vegetable Surprise" for Pit, but had accidentally added too much rejuvenator potion to it, causing the carrots to come to life. They proceed to wreak havoc in Palutena's castle, but she soon gets the upper hand and uses her staff to conjure up cages to trap them in. However without her knowing, they had previously activated all the stoves in the kitchen causing it to explode and destroy most of the floor, giving the carrots the opportunity to escape.

One carrot later returns and appears in Palutena's bath and throws a bottle at her head to lure her outside, where she is confronted with a vast armada consisting of all sorts of vegetables that were brought to life with a Rejuvenator Potion that the carrots stole. They then fuse together into one giant vegetable monster and try to crush Palutena. And after doing considerable damage to the palace, they cause a water leak that floods most of the floor which begins to wash away the potion from their body, Palutena then realizes their weakness and conjures up a rain cloud to wash them away, returning them to normal. She then prepares to slice up the veggies with her fiery Wolf Claws, but she is held back by three large pumpkins who keep her from using the attack which overloads and explodes, destroying the veggies once and for all.


The carrots are shown to be very resourceful and quite clever, even being able to create an entire army to fight against Palutena. They have the ability to fuse together into one gigantic monster made up of all kinds of vegetables. In their fused form, the vegetables have super strength and can even fire vegetables like bullets out of their fingers. They also have pretty decent agility.