Lancer Staff

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Lancer Staff
Type: Staff
Specializes In: Close combat
Strengths: Quick charge time, strong melee damage
Weaknesses: Weaker damage at long distances, slow moving shots

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Idol description

A staff modeled after an infamous spear said to have slain thousands. It charges quickly, and its shots, although slow moving, are most damaging at close range. Its melee attack is also better than most staffs.

Base statistics

Weapon data is for weapons with zero ranged and melee stars with no mods to them. Distance refers to the maximum range a shot can travel, measured with non-homing shots. Damage (near) refers to the damage done when the target is as close as possible. Damage (far) refers to the damage given at maximum range. The symbol "—" means the corresponding stat is not applicable to that specific attack.

Air battles

Attack Distance Damage Shots
Continuous 104.0m 23.5
Charged 170.4m 100.9 1
Melee hit 1 63.0
Melee hit 2 33.6
Melee hit 3 63.0
Special attack 200.0m 268.0 1

Land battles

Attack Distance Damage (near) Damage (far) Shots
Standing continuous 37.1m ? ?
Forward-dash continuous 47.4m ? ? 3
Side-dash continuous 47.4m ? ? 3
Backward-dash continuous 47.4m ? ? 3
Standing charged 65.5m ? ? 1
Forward-dash charged 68.6m ? ? 1
Side-dash charged 68.6m ? ? 1
Backward-dash charged 68.6m ? ? 1
Melee hit 1 ?
Melee hit 2 ?
Melee hit 3 ?
Melee dash ?

Weapon fusion

This weapon follows standard weapon fusion rules.