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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Ranged Combat
Strengths: Extremely long range, powerful charge shots, shots gain power over distance
Weaknesses: Very weak melee attacks, no homing charge shots, greatly slows user
For the wiki staff, see Icaruspedia:Staff.

The Staff, known in Japan as Ancestor Staff (祖杖, Sojou), is one of the nine weapon types featured in Kid Icarus: Uprising. This particular weapon is unique in that it uses magical projectiles ideally suited for attacking from a very long range.


The Staff is shown to be an effective and unique weapon that can use magical attacks. It is also one of the longest weapons in the game, only being dwarfed by the enormous Club. This quality does not make it useful in close quarters combat, though- the Staff's superior range and accuracy leads it to excel when it comes to long-range attacks. However, unlike most other weapons, the projectiles of a Staff lack homing capabilities despite them having the farthest traveling distance. Because of this, aim is much more crucial when it comes to using this weapon; using the zoom function can be quite helpful to ensure that the user has a clear shot. All staffs greatly slow the user when equipped, which can often lead to a great deal of trouble if the user is surrounded by enemies and cannot move quickly enough to escape. While there are some exceptions, Staffs also suffer from very poor melee damage, so The special attack enables Pit to fire a quick and powerful shot to severely damage enemies. Unlike other special attacks, this one does not cover the whole screen, but instead, is a linear shot that requires a bit of aiming for it to be effective.


The different types of staffs are as follows:

Staff Variants




Insight Staff

The basic staff as shown above. It bears a resemblance to a cross between a spear and walking cane. It also appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Orb Staff

A variation with a green crystal ball at the end of it. Its shots lack in damage, distance, and knock-back ability, but are large enough to make accuracy less of an issue than it would be with other staffs. The orb also slightly boosts its melee power.

Rose Staff

A wooden staff that has roses and spiky vines growing on it. This staff charges quickly and can launch colorful, zigzagging projectiles at enemies. However, the projectiles move slowly, which limits their usefulness against fast enemies.

Knuckle Staff

A metallic staff with a spiked ball at the end of it. Its melee attacks are much stronger than other staffs, but its shots have poor range and lose power as they travel.

Ancient Staff

A staff with a red crystal at the top, created by an ancient civilization and the mutated spirit of an individual life form. A special symbol is always seen floating around it. This staff launches magical projectiles that expand as they travel and hang in midair when they reach their maximum range. These projectiles also paralyze those that come into contact. However, it slows the user more than any other weapon.

Lancer Staff

A variant resembling a crystallized two-pronged lance. Its shots lose power over long distances, but it charges faster than most other staffs and is the one of the few staffs with homing capabilities. The projectiles from its continuous fire move rather slowly, making it less useful when not charged. ???

Flintlock Staff

A variant that looks like an old-fashioned rifle. Its projectiles fire at blinding speeds and gain power as they travel, but its melee attacks deal very little damage. At maximum range, its charge shot is the most damaging attack in the game. ???

Somewhat Staff

A living staff embedded with multiple eyeballs, giving it a very unusual appearance in addition to its odd name. It handles more like a blade than a staff, although it retains the movement restrictions of a staff.

Scorpio Staff

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this staff is inspired by the eighth sign of the Zodiac. While its firing range is somewhat short, it boosts the user's speed and can poison enemies. It can be found in Chapter 16 during the Aether Ring segment; while descending, look for a switch that will open the way to the Zodiac Chamber when fired upon.

Laser Staff

A staff variant with blue and metallic designs. It has the longest range out of all staffs and the second-longest range of all weapons (after the Earthmaul Club). Although it takes a while to charge, both its continuous fire and charged shots move very quickly and are silent, making it difficult for enemies to track the user.

Dark Pit Staff

The staff used by Dark Pit in Chapter 6. Its charged shots are optimized for long-range attacks and do four times as much damage at its longest range as it does up close. Its continuous fire is equally strong, but suffers from a short range.

Thanatos Staff

A staff inspired by Thanatos' appearance. Its backward-dash shot fires a large skull at short range that is effective at blocking other shots. Both its charged shots and continuous fire have homing abilities, making it useful when opponents are too far away for a clear shot.


  • Despite being described as having no homing whatsoever, most continuous fire has a slight homing ability.


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