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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Ranged/Melee Combat
Strengths: Powerful melee attacks and charged shots, can deflect projectiles, standing charge shots that can pass through walls
Weaknesses: Slows user down, no continuous fire, shortened melee combo

The Club, known in Japan as Giant Tower (巨塔 Kyotou), is a type of weapon introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is shown to be one of the strongest weapons in the game, and is capable of a variety of different attacks.


As shown by its size, the Club is an incredibly effective weapon in battle. However, with all of that brute strength comes a slowed attack and movement speed. Despite this, the Club can deliver heavy damage to even the strongest of enemies at close range. It is rather limited when it comes to fighting from a distance, as it has no continuous fire whatsoever; instead, it relies on slow but powerful charge shots that possess a surprisingly long range and an inherent ability to pierce walls with its standing charge shots. In addition, the Club is also capable of deflecting certain projectiles back at the monsters that unleashed them. The Club's special attack enables Pit to create multiple large tornadoes to damage enemies. While the Club's melee attacks are quite powerful, its melee combo consists of only two hits instead of three.


The different types of clubs are as follows:

Club Variants




Ore Club

The basic club, which is made of raw ore from the Mountain of the Gods. It is capable of launching shockwaves of energy when slammed into the ground, as well as miniature whirlwinds that can hit multiple enemies with one attack.

Babel Club

A stone club with small clouds circling around it that can unleash massive shockwaves of sand and dust. Its projectiles have an irregular path that may hit the same enemy multiple times, but take longer to charge than any other weapon in the game.

Skyscraper Club

A colorful club resembling a modern building with even windows that flicker on and off. The Skyscraper Club can launch large rotating structures similar to the gears created by the Black Club. This weapon is most destructive at close range, but slows down the user more than any other club.

Atlas Club

A large club resembling the fist of the great titan, Atlas. Its shots cannot pass through walls but have better homing capabilities than most other clubs. Also, this club does not slow its wielder down.

Earthmaul Club

A club that appears to be composed of celestial objects, including the Earth and Sun. Its backwards-dash charged shot can bounce off walls, making it deadly in enclosed areas. Its projectiles have the longest range in the game, with charged shots that can travel about 126 meters (or three times the distance of the First Blade's charged shots).

Ogre Club

A bulky club with spikes all over it. It can launch slow red spherical projectiles that are surrounded by dark purple energy, while the power of its melee attacks is unmatched.

Halo Club

A club that is made up of numerous glowing rings. It can create luminescent projectiles made up rings surrounding a blade-like star. These projectiles do more damage at longer distances and occasionally paralyzes foes. This club is smaller than others so its shots travel much more quickly. Unfortunately, due to its smaller size, the Halo Club is a weak melee weapon.

Black Club

A club that resembles a large iron slab, rumored to be crafted from all chemical elements, or perhaps the intentions of all people. Although it is rather bland in appearance, it can unleash a large, guided (but very slow) tower of spinning gears, or a giant metal ball as a projectile attack.

Capricorn Club

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this club is inspired by the tenth sign of the Zodiac. Its spiralling charged shots lack range, do less damage as they travel, and don't cancel out shots. However, these shots do move fast and have a fast charge time. It can be found in Chapter 20, hidden behind a false wall in a cell containing a Skuttler Mage.

Aurum Club

A club made with Aurum technology, it has charged shots that have limited range and lack homing but are large, making it harder for targets to avoid them. It can also shoot through obstacles, and its shots have a strong potential for nullifying incoming fire. ???

Hewdraw Club

A club that resembles one of the blade-like horns on Hewdraw. Its charged shots have a long range and have strong homing ability, but they don't do as much damage as other clubs' charge shots.

Magnus Club

The weapon used by Magnus, classified as a club because of its sheer size. While it boosts the speed of the user and deals massive amounts of damage with both its ranged and melee attacks, its projectiles are extremely short-ranged, making it useless outside of close quarters.


  • In air battles, clubs' continuous shot damage counts as melee damage and benefits from melee combo modifiers. Like other melee attacks, these do not show attack range when used in the Practice Range, despite shooting out beyond typical melee range and being calculated separately from the continuous melee attacks.


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