Ring of Chaos

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The Ring of Chaos
This article is about the artifact created by the Chaos Kin. For the chapter in Kid Icarus: Uprising, see The Ring of Chaos.

The Ring of Chaos is a mysterious relic, possibly created by Hades in conjunction with the Chaos Kin to trap Pit's soul inside. They did this feat soon after the Aurum where destroyed, taking advantage of his weakened state. In doing so, the now practically defenseless Palutena finally went under the Kin's influence after three years of fighting it, controlling her and her army to create utter chaos. The Ring of Chaos has a strange design in which the patterns resemble that of Japanese writing.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Ring of Chaos appears in only one chapter of the same name. It is first seen on the ground where a Girl picks up the ring. Pit's soul immediately takes control of her own, letting the angel explore his surroundings. After approximately 20 second of walking, the girl trips and drops the ring, breaking free from Pit's influence and running off. No sooner had this been typed had a friendly Dog come about. Pit now took control of the animal, a big relief to the player since the dog runs at a faster pace. While entering the Decimated Town, Pit's Body is encountered; a big surprise to both the angel and the player. While exploring the town, many Centurions are witnessed, none of them paying any attention to the dog. Once completing a perilous walk over an two arches, Magnus is seen fighting off the Centurions. Pit uses the dog to jump onto Magnus to give him the ring. Pit drops it letting the dog finally escape. Magnus initially takes no notice of the relic, but while walking off he has a change of mind and returns to the ring. Pit immediately takes control of his body, an exciting time for the player. Pit's and Magnus' souls begin discussing, having more information revealed, especially regarding Pit's Body. On the way, a Hot Spring is met. The water heals Magnus, something that wouldn't occur to humans. This shows us that some special angel traits are given off to human bodies if the souls get mixed up. When finally reaching the stage's boss, Pit's Body is fought. Once defeated, the ring is placed on the lifeless body where Pit is fully restored. This feat ends up breaking the Ring.

Idol Description

The Chaos Kin uses the Ring of Chaos to capture Pit's soul. But while the cursed runes on its surface prevent Pit's escape, he is able to use sheer willpower to gain control of anyone who wears the ring.


  • If one observes the ring carefully, there are what appears to be two sleeping angels etched inside, likely representing Pit and Dark Pit.

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