The Ring of Chaos

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The Ring of Chaos
Preceded By: The Aurum Brain
Followed By: The Lightning Chariot
Locations: Decimated Town
Major Characters: Palutena, Viridi, Magnus, Pit's Body

The Ring of Chaos is the eighteenth chapter in Kid Icarus Uprising. It is the only chapter in which Magnus and two other minor characters are playable. It is also the beginning of the Chaos Kin mini-arc. Unlike other levels, the ground mission comes first in the chapter.

Ground Mission

The level starts with Pit waking up, and realizing he has been turned into a ring. A young girl comes up and puts the ring on her finger, allowing Pit to control her body. After a while the girl falls and drops the ring, causing Pit to lose control of the girl's body. Fortunately, a dog picks up the ring in its mouth. Using its new body, Pit reaches a town and sees that Palutena's Army, comprising of Centurions, are mysteriously attacking the town. The dog ventures through a good portion of the chapter, before Pit later encounters Magnus, who puts the ring on his finger, and allows Pit to take control of his body. The human explains to the angel that three years have past since the great war between Palutena's Army, the Forces of Nature, and the Underworld. Pit uses Magnus's strength to fight his way through the Centurions, Centurion Knights and Centurion Strongarms. The Juggernauts are also introduced to the player, which are the newly-built cannons of Palutena's Army after the Hewdraw incident. After Pit defeats a large number of Centurions, Pit's Body appears.

Zodiac Chamber

After going through a narrow walkway, Pit will come across a Hot Spring. The left path will reveal a zodiac chamber which houses the power called Aries Armor.

Boss Battle

Pit's Body eventually lands on a circular arena-like area where Magnus and Pit confront it. This battle can be quite tough on higher intensities as Magnus has no ranged attacks, and Pit's Body is far more nimbler than the burly swordsman. Pit's Body uses the same moves as normal Pit would if he were equipped with a Bow.


  • Ranged Shots: Pit's Body fires three arrows at Magnus.
  • Melee Strikes: Pit's Body attacks Magnus with sword strikes from his bow.

Aerial Mission

Upon defeating the body, Magnus proceeds to put the ring on him, and causes it to shatter, allowing Pit to take control of his body once again. After, the angel cries out to the heavens for Palutena to grant him the Power of Flight. After he takes off into the skies, he then discovers it is Viridi who has granted him the ability. She leads the angel to Skyworld to find Palutena, but the Centurions and Juggernauts continue to attack Pit. Once reaching their destination, Pit discovers his home has been ruined due to the continuous assault caused by the Underworld Army over the past three years. Shortly after, Palutena appears in front of Pit as a large astral projection and tells her servant that she is tired of helping the ungrateful humans, but she is especially sick of dealing with Pit again. Pit notices that something is not right, and is convinced Palutena is being controlled by another entity. The brain-washed goddess denies Pit's remark and throws parts of the floating islets that make up Skyworld at the angel.


As an attempt to save his goddess, Pit orders Viridi to send him in, but he is quickly deflected back by the powerful force field set up by Palutena. As there is nothing else that Pit can do, Viridi takes him to her palace. After this, Pit realizes the entire menu setting has changed, and Viridi explains that she will be taking over Palutena's duties for now.


  • If the player moves the circle pad on the 3DS in the beginning when the ring is shown, it will move around a little.

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