Wrath of the Reset Bomb

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Wrath of the Reset Bomb
Preceded By: Viridi, Goddess of Nature
Followed By: The Lunar Sanctum
Locations: Reset Bomb Depot
Major Characters: None

Wrath of the Reset Bomb is the twelfth chapter in the storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising. In this chapter, Pit and Palutena head to the Reset Bomb Depot to stop Viridi from using anymore of her Reset Bombs on the surface world.

Aerial Mission

The air battle begins with Pit and Palutena discussing on how to defeat Viridi. Pit notices that the Forces of Nature and the Underworld Army are in battle, with Viridi saying that Hades minions are even worse than humans. After Pit defeats waves of enemies, a Reset Bomb is spotted in the distance.

Pit approaching the Reset Bomb Depot.

Palutena orders Pit to destroy the Reset Bomb before it impacts the town below, propelling the angel towards the descending bomb. However, Palutena informs Pit that he must destroy its core because it might explode if shot at directly. Instead, he must attack the green targets around the front of the bomb to reveal the core. Once all targets are destroyed, the front of the bomb falls off, leaving its core vulnerable to attack. Pit must rapidly shoot at the core to destroy the bomb. After the core is obliterated, the now-harmless bomb falls down to the ground. Palutena tells Pit that he must head to the Reset Bomb Depot to stop the creation of more Reset Bombs. Pit then descends onto the plant-infested island that holds the Reset Bomb Depot.

Ground Mission

Pit begins his ground mission on the exterior of the depot. This area contains a multitude of electric fences, some of which actually rotate to make getting past them all the more difficult. Pit also fights many of Viridi's forces that heavily guard the area, as well as the Underworld minions that have invaded the island. He eventually reaches the inside of the Depot, which is like a maze. Pit finds his way through the interior after many enemy battles, and reaches the outside of the Depot again. With the help of a Cherubot, Pit is able to destroy many more enemies in his way. The angel finally reaches the elevator that takes him to the center of the Depot.

The Guards of the Reset Bomb Pod.

Boss Battle

Pit leaves the elevator and runs forward. Viridi calls her Forces of Nature Guards who wake up and march toward Pit. The battle then begins. The pod is covered by a thick shell which Pit cannot damage. In order to break the shell, Pit must defeat the guards and hit the shell with their bodies. After enough guards hit the shell, it flies off revealing the core. Pit must use his attacks to damage the core, although the shell will come back if he takes too long.


  • Melee Strikes: The guards swipe at Pit with their cannons.
  • Ranged Shots: The guards fire energy balls or laser beams at Pit.


After enough damage is taken, the pod explodes. Palutena extracts Pit out of the Depot as it falls apart, while an angry Viridi puts his name on her "to-kill list". The angel successfully leaves the Depot and returns to Palutena.


  • It is strange how these bombs create nature when they normally destroy nature.
  • Viridi is revealed to formally have numerous Reset Bomb Depots, but they have all been taken down by "her enemies" as stated in the in-game Idol description.
  • If one looks at the sky outside of the Depot near the visible distant galaxy, a large spherical object can be seen in the distance which could possibly be the Lunar Sanctum.

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