Dark Pit (chapter)

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Dark Pit
Preceded By: Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit
Followed By: The Seafloor Palace
Locations: Temple Ruins
Major Characters: Dark Pit

Dark Pit is the sixth chapter in the storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising. As its name suggests, Dark Pit stars as the main antagonist of this particular mission. It takes place in a dangerous location plagued by numerous tornadoes, where a mountainous area with ruins serves as the ground-based battlefield below.

Aerial Mission

Dark Pit begins the chapter by firing at Pit.

The chapter starts off in the cloudy sky lit by the sunset, where the dark angel strikes Pit from below before he even has a chance to fly. After a quick midair battle, Dark Pit will fly off and descend to the Overworld. Eventually the Underworld Army gets involved in the fray, much to Pit's dismay. Medusa then appears, stating that she likes Dark Pit's style and offers him to be one of the Underworld's most powerful allies. Dark Pit rejects the offer and starts attacking the Underworld Army too. Medusa becomes confused by the rejection, stating that Dark Pit should have been allied with her when created by the Mirror of Truth. Palutena then suggests that the creation of Dark Pit wasn't complete when the Mirror of Truth was shattered in the previous chapter. Despite not being affiliated with the Underworld, Palutena still says that Pit should defeat Dark Pit due to his inherently destructive nature. Pit then flies through varies caverns and trenches, fighting monsters along the way while being harassed by Dark Pit. At one point Dark Pit will grab a stray Zurret and use it to fire projectiles at Pit. Pit can quickly defeat the Zurret from a distance or be forced to get close, depending on the type of weapon. Once the Zurret is defeated, Dark Pit flies away again and lands in some abandoned ruins. Pit then lands into the area, with the Underworld Army also landing there.

Ground Mission

The ground portion of the chapter has Pit working his way up a mountainous area, where ruins are abundant. Dark Pit will often land to battle him as well as Underworld troops that might attack.

From the central area which has multiple paths, a single Underworld enemy will wander off towards one of the four paths. That will indicate the location to where Dark Pit is. Dark Pit will be encountered three times, with the first two battles being selected at random out of four possibilities:

  • At the alter, Dark Pit will be equipped with an EZ Cannon, while a few Underworld forces, such as Skuttlers, will attack both the angels.
  • At an open field, Dark Pit will be equipped with a Violet Palm, with Underworld forces around. There's also a Cherubot in the area that Pit can use to his advantage.
  • Dark Pit will use an Ogre Club if encountered at the underground area. There will be a few Underworld troops around the area above ground, but not below, allowing the two angels to fight without interference. (After Dark Pit is defeated in this area, look around for a hidden corridor that leads to a Zodiac Chamber with the Gemini Orbitars.)
  • Dark Pit will stand on top of an area of higher ground, where he'll use a Dark Pit Staff to snipe Pit at long range. Pit himself must pass through Underworld forces, including a Merenguy, in order to attack.

Once Dark Pit has been defeated twice, Palutena will set up a Grind Rail in the middle of the ruins for Pit that will lead to the last encounter with Dark Pit, who will also serve as this chapter's boss.

Boss Battle

Pit and Dark Pit about to fight.

Now armed with his trademark Silver Bow, Dark Pit serves as the boss at the end of the chapter, and is fought along multiple floating platforms littered with Jump Pads. The layout of the arena makes it easy to lose track of Dark Pit. It's recommended to have a weapon with a strong homing ability. Since the dark angel is capable of unlimited flight, he will often soar across the stage while shooting at Pit, and is also capable of performing a powerful mid-air charge. Dark Pit's strongest attack is to use the bow's special attack and rain down arrows on the arena. The attack is telegraphed by the platform Pit's standing on glowing. After enough damage, Dark Pit will be defeated.


  • Arrows: Dark Pit fires three arrows from his bow.
  • Charged Arrows: Dark Pit fires a charged shot at Pit.
  • Arrow Rain: When in the air, Dark Pit uses the bow's special attack and causes arrows to rain down on one of the platforms.
  • Dive: When in midair, Dark Pit surrounds himself with energy and performs a powerful midair charge.
  • Sword Swings: Dark Pit performs several melee strikes with his bow.


After a heated battle, Pit manages to best his dark counterpart, forcing him to retreat. Pit starts to chase after him, but is stopped and extracted by Palutena, who says that Dark Pit will be dealt with soon enough, but they must focus their attention on the Underworld Army.

Enemies in this Chapter


  • It is rather fitting that the Gemini Orbitars are found in this chapter, as Pit and Dark Pit are "twins".
  • There are two special conversations that are exclusive to this chapter. One of them involves Pit talking how useful it would be if there was more than one of himself, and Palutena then jokes about abusing her powers to create the multiple Pits. The other involves Pit questioning why Dark Pit is "doom and gloom" in which the dark angel retorts on why his lighter half is annoying only to have both Pit and Palutena sing positively to pester him further.
    • Interestingly, in the latter conversation, Pit addresses Dark Pit by his nickname but he does not react negatively towards it like in other chapters.
  • This chapter holds the first hint of something greater than Medusa, due to the ever growing Underworld Army.

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