Violet Palm

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Violet Palm
Type: Palm
Specializes In: Ranged combat
Strengths: Homing shots
Weaknesses: Basic range

The Violet Palm is one of the dozen Palms in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is the most basic type of its group.

Idol description

Palms are equipped on the wielder's arm like a tattoo, drawing upon the user's own vitality to fire a barrage of homing shots. The Violet Palm is an average example of this weapon type, with great rapid fire but basic range.

Base statistics

Weapon data is for weapons with zero ranged and melee stars with no mods to them. Distance refers to the maximum range a shot can travel, measured with non-homing shots. Damage (near) refers to the damage done when the target is as close as possible. Damage (far) refers to the damage given at maximum range. The symbol "—" means the corresponding stat is not applicable to that specific attack.

Air battles

Attack Distance Damage Shots
Continuous 75.6m 12.3
Charged 88.8m 73.8 1
Melee hit 1 63.0
Melee hit 2 37.8
Melee hit 3 71.4
Special attack 70.0m 100.0 1

Land battles

Attack Distance Damage (near) Damage (far) Shots
Standing continuous 27.0m 3.1 2.1
Forward-dash continuous 31.0m 8.4 5.9 5
Side-dash continuous 29.0m 6.5 4.6 5
Backward-dash continuous 28.0m 6.5 5.6 5
Standing charged 37.0m 33.4 23.4 1
Forward-dash charged 48.0m 49.6 35.3 1
Side-dash charged 44.0m 40.1 28.1 1
Backward-dash charged 43.0m 39.1* 27.7 1
Melee hit 1 17.0
Melee hit 2 11.0
Melee hit 3 19.0
Melee dash 48.0 37.0

* Attempting a backward-dash charged shot just out of melee range results in a forward-dash charged shot

Weapon fusion

This weapon follows standard weapon fusion rules, with the following exception:

Stealth Claws + Violet Palm = Rail Cannon (rather than Bomber Arm)