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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Ranged Combat
Strengths: High fire rate, strong homing capabilities
Weaknesses: Low attack power, fairly short range

The Palm, known in Japan as Breaking Palm, (破掌, "Hashou") is one of the nine weapon types in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Unlike the other weapons, it is actually not a physical item at all. Rather, it is described as a magical rune that Pit wears on his right hand and along his arm. The Palm gives off a noticeable aura when in use. Palms can be seen in two forms when shown in pictures. They can either be witnessed as they would look on the players arm or they would be shown as a ball with surrounding aura. The latter is the palm's original form when not worn by anyone.


Palms allow Pit to harness energy in the palm of his hand, as the name suggests. With this ability, Pit is able to shoot bursts of magical energy that have the ability to rapidly home in on enemies. Along with the Claws, the Palm is one of the lightest weapons in the game. The shots fired from it make Pit create a sphere of energy above his hand, then shatter it into many fragments to deal damage to enemies. Palms have high continuous fire rate and have great homing ability, some more than others, but their shots also suffer from rather poor range.


The different types of palms are as follows:

Palm Variants




Violet Palm

The basic palm, which is pictured above. It harnesses rainbow-colored energy that can quickly follow enemies.

Burning Palm

A red fiery glowing palm that shoots fireballs. It has strong melee attacks and can burn enemies, but its projectiles have a short range and take a long time to charge. File:Burning Palm.png

Needle Palm

A dark palm that shoots needle-based projectile attacks. Their fire rate is very high, but the projectiles have minimal homing abilities. File:Needle Palm.png

Midnight Palm

A celestial version with lunar designs, clouds, and shadows of a rabbit surrounding it. This version is able to launch crescent moon projectiles as a back-dash attack, making this variant ideal for defensive players. Continuous fire is powerful but slow, making it of limited use against fast enemies.

Cursed Palm

A bluish palm that shoots projectiles with kanji on them. Its shots travel slowly and lose strength as they travel, but have good homing capabilities. Their melee is also rather powerful. They also induce a Poison effect with their charged shots and melee attacks.

Cutter Palm

A palm that fires blue and green rings of light that can cut through foes. Its shots deal high damage, but it charges slowly and its continuous fire has no homing abilities. File:Cutter Palm.png

Pudgy Palm

A strange, glove-like palm that shoots bubbles and colorful star attacks. It resembles a bubble blower toy. It has a short charge time and a strong overall homing ability. Its backward-dash charged shot has strong shot cancellation properties.

Ninja Palm

A palm resembling a ninja's hand. While its shots lack homing ability and attack power, this palm has a rapid charge time and greatly increases Pit's speed and agility. File:Ninja Palm.png

Virgo Palm

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this Palm is inspired by the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. It has the longest range of any palm and has shots that grow larger as they travel. Its homing abilities and attack power are low, but its back-dash attack puts up a wall that nullifies incoming shots. It can be found in a Zodiac Chamber in Chapter 12; in the room with the elevator, look for a second elevator that will take you to the chamber.

Aurum Palm

A palm made with Aurum technology. Its projectiles have minimal homing ability, but it charges very quickly, letting users fire charge shots at a rate of about one charge shot per second.

Viridi Palm

A pinkish palm that has rose petals swirling around Pit's arm. Its charged shots resemble a quick mass of rose petals, while rapid fire delivers heart projectiles.

Great Reaper Palm

A palm that resembles the Great Reaper's claw, which can summon Reapettes for charged shots. It is the only weapon to possess the weakening effect naturally.


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