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Type: Vehicle
Specializes In: Melee/Ranged Combat
Strengths: Strong melee and projectile attacks, special jump attack
Weaknesses: Slow movement speed

The Cherubot is one of the three "vehicle of the gods" in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is a humanoid mecha suit that is capable of different powerful attacks. The Cherubot is best known for it's compact Hibernation mode, making it easy for the gods to deploy it into the battlefield.


The Cherubot is certainly one of Pit's strongest vehicles, but also one of the slowest. It has two arms, one of which specializes in bludgeoning attacks using a wrecking ball, while the other acts as a plasma machine gun that can use rapid fire attacks from a distance. Unfortunately it does not have a charged shot. The machine also has two legs that allow it to move and use a damaging jump attack. The latter is this vehicles special attack. It is most effective when surrounded by enemies in close range. What it lacks in range, the Jump Attack makes up in sheer power, making it the strongest vehicle attack (excluding the Great Sacred Treasure). Like many godly designs in the game, the Cherubot maintains a bright halo when active on its back.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Cherubot first appears in Chapter 6, Dark Pit. Pit immediately falls in love with the machine calling it his new best friend, even temporarily surpassing his friendship with Palutena. Later on in Chapter 12, it is revealed that the Cherubot runs on pure "goddess power".

Idol Description

While it may look cool, the overwhelming destructive might in this combat armor of the gods is best left to seasoned warriors. Cherubot's compact form factor and self-propulsion make it easy to deploy into battle, if at limited mobility.


  • The name of the Cherubot is a combination of "cherub" and "robot", describing its overall appearance resembling a bot and usefulness to certain angels, hence the name cherub. The latter might also refer to the machine's compact design since cherubs are small angels.

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