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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Melee/Ranged Combat
Strengths: Powerful melee and ranged attacks
Weaknesses: Short ranged projectiles, slow attack speed

The Arm (豪腕 Gouwan, literally meaning "Strong Arm") is a type of weapon introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. These weapons typically fit firmly over Pit's entire arm, hence its name. Not to be confused with the Mallet.


The Arm is a blunt weapon that is very effective for melee attacks, although its range is rather limited like that of the Claws. This weapon category is said to be among the strongest in the game, only being surpassed by the Club and possibly the Cannon categories. The Arm is balanced in that it has both a strong melee and projectile attack, although this powerful combination does come with its shortcomings. Executing both types of attacks can be rather slow, and the projectiles themselves don't move as fast as those from other weapons. Despite their large size, Arms do not negatively affect the user's running speed, as running speed with this type of weapon is good. The special attack makes Pit unleash a fury of punches, which resemble the Brawler Claws' continuous fire, that damages any enemy at close range.


The different types of arms are as follows:

Arm Variants




Crusher Arm

The basic arm that resembles a hammer at first sight, but houses a cannon that can shoot metallic bolts at enemies.

Compact Arm

An arm that's made out of a carved solid stone. It is lighter than other arms and increases Pit's movement speed, but has comparatively weak melee attacks.

Electroshock Arm

An arm that resembles an electric generator. It can launch electrical projectiles that expand in size as they travel and have a chance to paralyze enemies. Its melee strikes also have a lot of knockback.

Volcano Arm

A variant equipped with a miniature volcano. It can burn enemies, but has a short range and charges slowly. Great for close quarters.

Drill Arm

A variation that is equipped with a massive drill that can be launched at enemies. Despite its appearance, it's not exactly designed for melee. It does however have great homing ability. When the drill projectile makes contact, it will continue to chip away at the enemy for some time. Its knockback is also quite scary!

Bomber Arm

A variant that resembles a giant clenched fist. It charges faster than other arms and has strong charge shots, but its range is poor compared to other arms and has weak uncharged shots.

Bowl Arm

A variant with a black and red color scheme that resembles a Japanese ramen bowl. It charges very fast and has good homing abilities, but it generally lacks power. Unlike other arms, the rapid fire rolls on the ground instead of in the air.

End-All Arm

An arm that specializes in both range and melee attacks. Though it takes a long time to charge, its continuous fire is deadly, particularly when fired during a side dash. However, it does slow the user's movement somewhat. It is said to resemble a drop of Hades' skin.

Taurus Arm

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this arm is inspired by the second astrological sign in the Zodiac. It does the most melee damage out of any arm, while its ranged attacks are powerful but lack range and homing ability. It can be found in Chapter 4, where it is hidden in the room after the first Eggplant Wizard at the bottom of a glowing pit near a Clubberskull.

Upperdash Arm

A variant which looks like a disc shooter with a blue center base, a red-colored covering, and a golden handle. Its regular melee attacks are weak, but its melee dash attack does significant damage. Its back-dash charge shot sends foes flying into the air, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Kraken Arm

An arm that resembles the Space Kraken's head. It fires projectiles similar to what the Kraken shoots from its mouth during the boss battle which travel somewhat slowly, but feature strong homing abilities. Also has powerful melee strength.

Phoenix Arm

An arm that resembles the Phoenix. Unlike most weapons, its continuous fire has a longer range than its charge shot. It is capable of burning enemies.


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