Status Ailments

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Status ailments have been introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising, although a few have been mentioned in Kid Icarus as well. These damaging status effects can potentially be inflicted on Pit himself, helper characters such as Magnus, and even enemies.


Burn is another damaging status effect in the game that is commonly inflicted by fire-based attacks. This defect depletes Pit's health faster than poisoning does, but also wears off faster as well. This stat problem is indicated by a wing symbol on fire by the upper left corner where Pit's HP is on the heads-up display. Twinbellows' flame-engulfed body can burn Pit on contact, and Hewdraw has a powerful flamethrower attack that may cause this effect when hit. Pit's Wolf Claws, Burning Palm, Twinbellows Cannon, and any other weapon with the "Burning" modifier can also cause burning damage against foes.


Confusion is a status effect that causes those affected to be temporarily disoriented, scrambling their controls for a short time and making the afflicted move and attack randomly. The Cacaw and Zaurum can inflict this condition.


Eggplant is the infamous status ailment caused by the Eggplant Wizard, that causes Pit's upper body to be turned into an Eggplant. This prevents the angel from attacking, and is left extremely vulnerable until the curse wears off. There is also a Power known as the Eggplant Attack and an item called the Eggplant Bomb that can inflict this condition on enemies, but they can only be used in Together Mode.


Freeze is an ailment that causes those affected to be frozen solid in place, although for a limited time. The enemies that can potentially cause this status effect are ice-based foes such as the Snowman and Frozum. Weapons with Freezing as an additional effect, the Freeze Attack power and melee attacks from an Aquarius Blade can also inflict freeze.


Paralysis can occur when characters are struck with electricity-based attacks. Like other status effects, it is only temporary, although it doesn't deplete health in the same way that poison and burn does. Rather, paralysis will cause the afflicted to become greatly slowed and unable to dodge for a short time as electricity surges through their bodies, leaving them vulnerable to attack. The Dynamo Cannon, Halo Club, Electroshock Arm, and any weapon with the Paralysis modifier can cause this status effect, while Reapettes and Porcuspines can occasionally inflict it with their attacks.


Poison is one of the status ailments in Uprising. When poisoned, the health of the afflicted character will slowly be drained until the condition wears off after a short while. During this time, the character will glow purple with a poisonous haze emanating from their body. The only enemies that have the ability to poison other characters are Shulms and Shemums, although they only actually utilize this weapon in Uprising. The Phils used by Collin can also inflict this condition, as well as getting hit from the Shelbo's close-ranged spinning shell attack or a Toxiecap's spores. Originally, the manual for Kid Icarus stated that both Shemums and Shulms had poisonous capabilities, yet they were never used in the game itself. In addition, the Viper Blade weapon used by Pit possesses the ability to poison enemies that are hit with charged shots.


Shaking is an ailment that causes the targeting reticle to shake wildly, making it difficult for the afflicted to aim their attacks, and prevents shots from being able to home in on enemies. A Zuree can inflict this status ailment on Pit if it hits him with its claws. The Bluster's projectiles are capable of inflicting this condition as well, along with Medusa's claw attacks.


Shrink is a status effect that is caused by the Shrinky Bean. This ailment decreases the size of those affected, which makes them more difficult to hit.


Spin is a status aliment that causes the affected player's screen to turn around uncontrollably, making it harder to aim and fight altogether. The Quoil, Bumbledrop, Spin Attack Power (Together Mode exclusive), and Cyclone Bomb are known to cause this status aliment.


Stone is very similar to the Freeze ailment, although it causes those affected to become encased in stone rather than ice and doubles their defense for the duration of the ailment; in addition, the immobilization effect lasts longer than the Freeze ailment. An item called the Medusa Head can cause this status effect, as well as Medusa herself in the original Kid Icarus. Igniot and its cellular version can also cause this status aliment as well if Pit gets hit by its laser attack. The Weapon mod Petrification as well as the Power Petrify Attack can cause the effect as well. If Pit is afflicted with this ailment, rapidly mashing buttons can help him recover faster.


Tempura is very similar to the Eggplant status ailment, which causes Pit's upper body to be turned into a Tempura. Like the Eggplant ailment, Pit cannot attack when transformed, but he also suffers from greatly decreased stamina, which also decreases the distance he can dash. The Tempura Wizard, who causes this status aliment, will chase Pit until it catches and eats him, which causes instant death. The Tempura Attack Power and Tempura Bomb item can also cause this status aliment, but is exclusive to Together Mode.


Weaken is a particularly dangerous status ailment that temporarily reduces Pit's maximum health by half. Skuttler Mages can inflict this condition on Pit with their spells, along with a small number of bosses (such as Thanatos and Amazon Pandora). The Great Reaper Palm can also inflict this condition, but only in Together mode.