Twinbellows Cannon

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Twinbellows Cannon
Item05 04 on.png
Type: Cannon
Specializes In: Effect combat
Strengths: Causes burning, rapid continuous fire, slight speed boost
Weaknesses: Shots don't bounce, dash shots lose power over distance

The Twinbellow Cannon is a cannon introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It represents the dog Twinbellows. It appears to be shaped like a head of Twinbellows and has a flame on the side of the weapon itself.

Idol description

Inspired by the most dreaded mutt in the Underworld. Fires a flame stream that roasts nearby foes. Its backward-dash charged shot creates explosions that detonate near the area they're fired, making them great for close combat.

Base statistics

Weapon data is for weapons with zero ranged and melee stars with no mods to them. Distance refers to the maximum range a shot can travel, measured with non-homing shots. Damage (near) refers to the damage done when the target is as close as possible. Damage (far) refers to the damage given at maximum range. The symbol "—" means the corresponding stat is not applicable to that specific attack.

Air battles

Attack Distance Damage Explosion Shots
Continuous 80.7m 11.4
Charged 109.1m 6.0 63.5* 1
Melee hit 1 58.8
Melee hit 2 29.4
Melee hit 3 84.0
Special attack 90.0m 168.0 1

* Explosions deal less damage farther from the center.

Land battles

Attack Distance Damage (near) Damage (far) Explosion Shots
Standing continuous 32.3m 4.9 2.5
Forward-dash continuous 34.2m 17.4 8.7 4
Side-dash continuous 34.2m 11.6 5.8 4
Backward-dash continuous 29.1m 17.4 8.9 4
Standing charged 38.3m 1.0 1.0 25.4 1
Forward-dash charged 46.3m 1.0 1.0 37.0 1
Side-dash charged 43.0m 1.0 1.0 31.6 1
Backward-dash charged 5.5m 1.0 1.0 30.7 1
Melee hit 1 17.1
Melee hit 2 8.5
Melee hit 3 26.8
Melee dash 8.5 3
Melee dash finisher 34.2 1

Weapon fusion

This weapon follows standard weapon fusion rules.