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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Ranged Combat
Strengths: Explosive charged shots with a large area of effect, shots may bounce off the ground
Weaknesses: Slows down user, weak melee attacks

The Cannon (爆筒 Bakutou, literally meaning "Exclamation Tube") is a powerful type of weapon introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It fits over Pit's arm, and appears to be technologically advanced compared to other weapons. Cannons act as the grenade launchers of Pit's arsenal, and are often the most effective weapons to use on groups of enemies.


Because of their size, cannons are one of the few weapons that slow Pit considerably, although this doesn't apply to air battles. They typically fire explosive rounds, and can be effective at defeating a large number of enemies at once as well as taking down larger or more powerful foes. The shells can detonate directly against a surface or foe, or they can bounce along the ground to home in on a target. These destructive rounds are only used for charged shots, while smaller pellets are shot for rapid-firing. Cannons' special attack lets Pit deliver a strong explosive blast that covers the whole screen.


The different types of cannons are as follows:

Cannon Variants




EZ Cannon

The basic cannon as pictured above. It has a green blade at its side for close-ranged attacks.

Ball Cannon

A pirate-inspired variation wearing a captain's hat. It can launch cannonballs that travel straight ahead very fast. Unlike other cannons, the Ball Cannon's projectiles do not explode, but instead, the charged shots can pierce through multiple enemies.

Predator Cannon

A cannon with yellow eyes, red eyebrows, and numerous colorful markings, resembling a dragon. It raises Pit's movement speed when equipped and has the strongest melee attacks of any cannon.

Poseidon Cannon

A cannon inspired by the Greek god of the same name. Its charge shots fire waves of water that knock enemies down on impact.

Fireworks Cannon

A cannon that fires colorful fireworks. Its rounds have decent homing abilities, charge quickly, and have a large blast radius, but lack range and attack power.

Rail Cannon

A cannon that has a dark exterior and a lighter middle, resembling a pair of tweezers or electric clips. Its charged shots fire straight forward at incredible speeds, giving it better range and accuracy than most other cannons.

Dynamo Cannon

A cannon that looks like a Tesla coil. It can launch balls of electricity that can paralyze enemies. Its projectiles do not bounce off walls or floors; instead, they hang in midair before expanding outwards.

Doom Cannon

A strange cannon that looks mechanical with pink markings on the sides. The front somewhat resembles a crane claw with a pinkish center which fires dark spherical projectiles. While a dash charged shot makes the projectile moves fast, a standing charged shot makes the projectile move slower. This cannon suffers from slow recharge time, but makes up for it with the massive radius of its charge shots.

Leo Cannon

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this cannon is inspired by the fifth sign of the Zodiac, with a lion's head in the front. The shells it fires send enemies flying, then explode behind them, requiring the user to aim carefully to compensate for the explosion's position. Its Zodiac Chamber is found in Chapter 10 in the room with the first Guttler, near the left wall.

Sonic Cannon

A cannon that looks vaguely like a jet engine that fires sonic bursts. Its continuous fire covers a vast area, eventually zeroing in on targets with its homing ability, while its long range and expanding charged shots make it great for distance fighting. However, its melee attacks are fairly weak, even when compared to other Cannons.

Twinbellows Cannon

A cannon that resembles Twinbellows. It fires explosive shells that can burn foes. Its continuous fire deals heavy damage to those around and its backward dash shot arcs in a shell.

Cragalanche Cannon

A cannon inspired by Cragalanche. It has a rock-like appearance with a red spot on the front. It fires rocks that do high damage, but are slow and have a small blast radius.


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