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Type: Weapon
Specializes In: Melee/Ranged Combat
Strengths: Balanced stats
Weaknesses: None

The Blade, known in Japan as Fencing (撃剣, "Gekiken") is one of nine types of weapons featured in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is one of the most balanced weapons in the game and is described as being user-friendly.


At first sight, the Blade appears to be a sort of laser gun with either a metal barrel or sword extending out of it. Despite their initial gun-like appearance, this weapon is able to produce a blade of plasma energy that is used in melee attacks. For long-ranged attacks, it is capable of rapid-firing plasma shots, as well as charged shots if the user waits for a brief moment. The Blade's special attack allows Pit to summon lightning from the heavens to strike all of the enemies on screen, obliterating most of them in the process. As a general rule, fusing a Palm / Cannon, Palm / Club, Staff / Cannon Bow / Arm, or Club / Arm will produce a blade. There are a few exceptions, such as the Eyetrack Orbitars and Rose Staff making the Samurai Blade, or the Cursed Palm and Ball Cannon making a Black Club rather than a blade.


The different types of blades are as follows:

Blade Variants




First Blade

The basic blade, which is described above. It has a somewhat futuristic appearance to it, and possesses a balance of ranged and melee power, making it ideal for new players. On the other hand, it has no real strengths and is likely to be overshadowed by other weapons later on.

Burst Blade

A green blade that can shoot multiple rotating charged shots at once, giving it better than average shot cancellation ability. This blade is ideal for players with a poor aim, however, this weapon is weaker in power and has the shortest range compared to other variations.

Viper Blade

A purple-colored blade said to be made from the scales of a thousand snakes. It can shoot poisonous shots, causing enemies to take continuous damage after being hit with a charged shot. Using charged and dash shots poison enemies for longer periods. The projectiles from this weapon lose attack power over distance faster than most blades, making it best suited for close range combat.

Crusader Blade

A blade that fires a cross-shaped projectile as a charged shot. The charged shots can block enemy fire and have good homing ability, while the blade's weight boosts the strength of its melee attacks, but slows the user slightly.

Royal Blade

A regal-looking blade created from the remnants of holy weapons once used by kings. It fires valuable gemstones, and is very useful when fleeing from enemies. The Royal Blade fires powerful backward-dash charged shots, but its other attacks do little damage.

Optical Blade

A blade equipped with a green-colored energy sword. Its projectiles have the longest range of any Blade and grow in power as they travel, but possesses low homing ability and mediocre melee attack power.

Samurai Blade

A blade that resembles a Japanese katana. This weapon excels in melee power and grants the user more speed, but its projectiles are weaker and takes longer to charge. Back-dash charge shots travel in an arc.

Bullet Blade

A blade that resembles a machine gun and is even equipped with a chain of ammunition. Its homing ability and melee power are sub-par, but its ranged attacks do a lot of damage and don't lose power over a distance, making it effective at any range.

Aquarius Blade

One of the Zodiac Weapons, this blade is inspired by the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and can freeze enemies with its melee attacks; unlike other blades, its shots are capable of bouncing off the ground, making it useful when fighting in narrow spaces. It can be found in a Zodiac Chamber in Chapter 23; after jumping off the first grind rail, ride it back in the opposite direction to reach the chamber.

Aurum Blade

A blade inspired by the Aurum. Its shots have strong homing abilities and charge quickly, but its melee attacks do minimal damage.

Palutena Blade

A blade ordered by Palutena herself. While its charged shots have a strong potential of nullifying enemy fire and its continuous-fire dash shots travel fast, they aren't very strong. However, its dash shots have great range.

Gaol Blade

A blade inspired by Dark Lord Gaol. While it has the most powerful ranged attacks of any blade and its charged shot has a strong homing ability, these attacks move and charge slowly.


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