Great Sacred Treasure

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Great Sacred Treasure
Type: Weapon/Vehicle/Suit Mech
Specializes In: Ranged Combat
Strengths: Unmatched attack power and speed, ability to change into three different forms
Weaknesses: None

The Great Sacred Treasure is a new piece of weaponry introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It was created by Dyntos, God of the Forge, and is given to Pit to use at the end of Chapter 24, The Three Trials after Pit completes all three trials. It replaces the Three Sacred Treasures after they are destroyed by Hades in Chapter 23, Lord of the Underworld, being much larger and more of a vehicle mech rather than small, separate items worn or held. It is the only weapon that can defeat Hades and the only weapon that can be used in Chapter 25, The War's End.


Unlike the Three Sacred Treasures, the Great Sacred Treasure can change forms depending on the activity it's involved in, discarding parts each time it transforms, making it quicker, but less powerful when it attacks. In each form, the Great Sacred Treasure is able to fly. The Great Sacred Treasure also seems to be able to control and reattach certain parts such as thrusters that have been disconnected for transformation purposes. Forms of the Great Sacred Treasure include:

  • Standard Form
Standard Form
This form is the most powerful, being able to shoot charged shots that release a massive explosion as well as continuously fire a barrage of lasers that have a strong homing ability. Not available for use in Chapter 25: The War's End but used against Pit in Chapter 24: The Three Trials, the Great Sacred Treasure is able to fire a variety of shots including lasers, flaming shots, electric shots, water, whirlwinds, large balls of fire or electricity, shots that hover and pull enemies towards it, a charged mega-laser beam attack and more. The Great Sacred Treasure is also capable of teleporting as well as execute powerful ramming attacks. It's strongest attack (different than its mega-laser beam) takes about 5 seconds to charge up, then releases a devastating beam of energy that can instantly finish off Pit (and most likely any other enemy) no matter the circumstances if the attack hits. It appears that this attack is used to finish of Hades at the end of Chapter 25: The War's End but takes longer to charge since Palutena is powering it up to defeat Hades. If extra speed is needed, the Great Sacred Treasure can detach its right arm gun and compact to the more aerodynamic Pursuit Mode.

  • Pursuit Mode
Pursuit Mode
This high-speed mode has a gatling turret ready to fire, which can shoot bullets and ring lasers. When in danger and taking damage, the Great Sacred Treasure detaches its wings, gatling turret, and more parts and transforms into Mech Armour Mode.

  • Mech Armor Mode
Mech Armor Mode
In this humanoid form, the Great Sacred Treasure can shoot laser projectiles similar to the Arrow of Light from its left arm and more powerful laser burst from the main cannon. It also has as a giant beam sword (although this is not available to the player during battle) that is capable of cutting Hades in two, although it is shown by the idols to be part of Ultralight Mode rather than Mech Armor Mode, though it could probably be used by both. If needed, the thrusters (currently the legs) can detach and reattach on the sides for more forward thrust, and can then enter Ultra Light Mode. Since the Great Sacred Treasure can keep up with Hades while in Mech Armor mode as well as in Pursuit Mode, Mech Armor mode is assumed to be extremely fast as well, but less powerful than Pursuit Mode.

  • Ultralight Mode
Ultralight Mode
While in Ultralight Mode, the Great Sacred Treasure is incredibly quick and nimble, and can shoot green arrow-like projectiles from its left arm as well as stronger, large vertical shots from its right arm. It also has as a giant beam sword (although this is not available to the player during battle) that is capable of cutting Hades in two.

  • Final Strike
The final Strike is not a form, but is the main cannon from the wreckage of the Great Sacred Treasure which is held by Pit and is charged up by Palutena during Chapter 25: The War's End to finish off Hades.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Great Sacred Treasure is the boss and third trial of Chapter 24: The Three Trials. During this battle, the Great Sacred Treasure battles only in Standard Form without anyone controlling it (or perhaps under Dyntos' control). During the battle, it shows off its wide arsenal of attacks and weapons (See Trial 3 of The Three Trials page for details of the battle). Although Pit "defeats" the Great Sacred Treasure, Pit is most likely no match for its true power, since it remains fully functional directly after the battle. Dyntos most likely ended the battle, satisfied with Pit's performance against it.

Pit uses the Great Sacred Treasure in his final battle with Hades in Chapter 25: The War's End. This weapon proves to be far more effective against the Underworld god compared to the Three Sacred Treasures. Unfortunately, Hades manages to trick Pit by suddenly vanishing in mid-battle then reappearing to crush the Great Sacred Treasure into pieces. After this action, only the cannon is left. Pit uses it as a last resort to destroy Hades once and for all as Viridi provides the Power of Flight and Palutena charges the cannon with her power. Once the weapon finishes charging, Pit will fire at the player's will, obliterating the Underworld god for good.

Idol Descriptions

Great Sacred Treasure
The Great Sacred Treasure was designed by Dyntos to be the ultimate weapon. Used in the final battle against Hades, the weapon is huge and incredibly powerful, yet can stop on a dime and change its form to adapt to damage.

Great Sacred Treasure (Pursuit)
As Hades rushes to the surface world to refuel on souls, the Great Sacred Treasure jettisons its heaviest parts and enters the high-speed Pursuit Mode. Equipped with a gatling turret, its guns can fire both bullets and ring lasers.

Great Sacred Treasure (Mech Armour)
Shedding even more parts from Pursuit Mode, the Great Sacred Treasure takes a humanoid form. This versatile mode doesn't require any specialized controls it acts as an extension of the user's own body!

Great Sacred Treasure (Ultralight)
The Great Sacred Treasure abandons all but its most necessary parts to enter this super-mobile mode. While it can keep up with Hades, the god of the Underworld destroys it with a single clap, leaving only its cannon behind.

Final Strike
When the Great Sacred Treasure is destroyed by Hades, the main cannon loses power, requiring Palutena to concentrate on using her divine power to restore its energy. Luckily, Viridi steps in to keep Pit flying!


  • According to Dyntos, the Great Sacred Treasure is made of pure Orichalcum, although Pit has no idea know what this is.
  • The Great Sacred Treasure can benefit from (or be hindered by) any modifiers of weapons that Pit has equipped. For example, if Pit is using a weapon that has a "Overall Defense +3" modifier, you will take less damage during Chapter 25, when Pit uses the Great Sacred Treasure.
  • The Great Sacred Treasure is the only weapon to be also fought as a boss in Uprising.


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