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First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Super Smash Bros. 4 (2014)

Affiliation(s): Underworld Army
Enemy Type: Grounded

Skuttlers (ボックン Bokkun) are enemies that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are odd, lumbering creatures that like to attack in groups, and come in four different variations. Like Kobils in the original Kid Icarus, Skuttlers are said to be the basic soldiers of the Underworld Army on Land Battles.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

Skuttlers are new enemies introduced in this adventure, seemingly replacing Kobils as the Underworld Army's primary ground force. They are among the first enemies revealed to have multiple variations of their physical appearance as well as their attack strategy. These monsters are some of the game's most common enemies, appearing in almost every chapter. They are the primary enemies transported by the Belunkas.

Skuttlers are creatures that prefer to roam in groups. Although there are many variants of this monster, most of them share many similar characteristics, including dark purple limb-like tentacles and a large white skull-shaped body with cross-bones printed on their "foreheads". These characteristics are not as pronounced on the cellular version.


The run-of-the-mill Skuttler is quick on its feet (although rather clumsy and prone to tripping) and carries a bone club to attack with and a small shield for defense. Skuttlers are among the fastest ground-based enemies that Pit will encounter, and will not hesitate to sprint after him once he's been spotted; however, they are also rather cowardly and will try to flee if injured. They have also been shown to move in erratic patterns, often times randomly running around a room before closing in to attack. This variant is discernible by its single red eye with a small pupil. Skuttlers can also be found piloting Fort Oinks, and are often tossed out by these porky monsters into battle.

Skuttler Cannoneer

The Skuttler Cannoneer (ボックンキャノン Bokkun Kyanon) prefers to attack from a distance, and carries a large cannon over its right shoulder. Although this variety of Skuttler can't run fast like its red-eyed cousins, it actually has tremendous jumping ability. The cannons that they carry can launch both fast-moving lasers and slower-moving missiles that can home in on enemies. Due to the heavy weight of these weapons, this version of Skuttler can potentially lose its balance if attacked in quick succession. This variant is discernible by its single green eye with a cross-shaped pupil.

Skuttler Mage

Skuttler Mages (ボックンメイジ Bokkun Meiji) wear three colorful feathers on their heads, and carry a large purple wand decorated with a skull, and lighted with a blue fire. They also appear to be even bigger than the other Skuttler variations. The Skuttler Mage is unique in that it can use curse Pit with the dangerous weaken condition and can summon a jet of flame if Pit gets into melee range. They share the same trait of a red eye with typical Skuttlers.

Suit of Skuttler

These Skuttlers hide within suits of armor that they can attack from: The Suit of Skuttler (ボックンズム Bokkun Zumu). Although this armor greatly reduces their mobility, their defenses are superior to all other Skuttler types. However, this also makes them very easy to pass by, especially since their spinning and jumping attacks have a very short range. A Suit of Skuttler can only be harmed by attacking it from behind, where the monster's body is exposed.

Aurum Skuttler

Aurum Skuttlers are fairly uncommon enemies, first found during the land battle of The Aurum Hive. They are one of the few monsters to be copied by the Aurum and act identically to their Underworld counterparts.

Cellular Skuttler

Cellular Skuttlers (ボッ細胞 Bossaibou) are rarely seen Skuttlers, only appearing in the land battle of Lord of the Underworld. They are mostly blue in color. Other than that, they are normal Skuttlers.

Idol Descriptions

These basic troops form the backbone of the Underworld Army. Simpleminded creatures, Skuttlers tend to forget any mishaps they suffer but also quit when the going gets tough. Yet they're still valued for their low cost and versatility.

Skuttler Cannoneer
These Skuttlers have been equipped with a cannon, earning them a whole extra word on their title. Their single eyes have been upgraded to improve their aim, although they're still not very accurate compared to other enemies.

Skuttler Mage
These Skuttlers can use magic, hence the name. They attack with a fire spell and a weakening spell that can lower your maximum health. Only the best Skuttlers get picked for this job, an honor that's better than any pay raise.

Suit of Skuttler
Tired of their roles as cannon fodder, some Skuttlers jump into the bronze statues that are so common in the Underworld. Their defenses are improved, but their rears are exposed, so getting behind them is your best bet.

Aurum Skuttler
An Aurum copy of the Underworld's Skuttler. Even the weakness and clumsy movements of he original have been faithfully reproduced! When assimilating, the Aurum copy all fighting styles... even the weak ones.

Cellular Skuttler
This cellular version of the Underworld Skuttler guards Hades's Belly from intruders. Skuttlers are the most common grunts in the Underworld Army, so battling in the digestive tract of a god is just another day at the office.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Three variations of Skuttlers appear as enemies in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS-exclusive mode, Smash Run, as well as trophies.

Trophy Descriptions

Skuttlers make no bone about coming up to you and swinging their clubs right at your face. The bigger the swing, the more it'll hurt. They act tough, and they do have a lot of health, but any strong attack from you will send them tumbling. Their shields are just for show, too. Our advice: throw them or whack them in the back.

Skuttler Cannoneer
These foot soldiers come in three varieties, which you can tell apart by looking at the color of the cannons they're carrying. The green ones' shots go through obstacles, and the red ones fire homing missiles. Occasionally, their cannons will stop working, giving you an opening to attack.

Skuttler Mage
An Underworld enemy from Kid Icarus: Uprising. This type of Skuttler specializes in magical attacks. In Smash Run, it can attack at close range or grab fighters from long range and do magical damage. Be careful! From magic to cannons to hiding in statues, Skuttlers are quite versatile.



  • This enemy's name is likely a combination of the words, "skull" and "scuttle", due to their skull-like faces and the fact they move in a hurried way.

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