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First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Affiliation(s): Underworld Army
Enemy Type: Aerial

The Gyrazer (メーザリオ Mēzario) is a new enemy in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is among the very first Underworld monsters encountered in the game.


A Cellular Gyrazer

Gyrazer is a squid-based creature with four arms that extend from its head, as well as two angry green eyes and a pig-like snout. With its arms folded in, the monster’s shape resembles that of a bullet. However, when its arms are extended, a Gyrazer can spin fast like a propeller, allowing it to maneuver very effectively in the air. Beneath its head and arms, the creature hides a greenish eye that it uses as its primary weapon. Capable of two different laser attacks, the Gyrazer can take aim with this eye and execute these attacks with a very far range. Its unusual body structure also allows it to move and rotate in the air with little effort. There is also a cellular version found only in Lord of the Underworld. Cellular Gyrazers act the same as normal Gyrazers, however instead of the orange color they are shiny purple, and the underbelly pattern is replaced with a green and black vine-like pattern.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

Gyrazers are encountered very early in the game during the aerial portion of The Return of Palutena. They are rather common air troops of the Underworld forces, and are particularly popular as monsters carried by Belunkas.

Cellular Gyrazers (メ細胞 Me Saibou) are rare enemies, only encountered in the land section of Lord of the Underworld.

Idol Desciptions

Gyrazers are spinning wheels of death that fire piercing lasers from the eye beneath their bodies, so watching out for them is kind of recommended. Unfortunately, the face on their side is just for show, so no, they don't get dizzy while they spin.
Cellular Gyrazer
This cellular version of the Underworld Gyrazer guards Hades's belly from intruders. They dash in and attack invaders with a burst of high-speed fire from the cannons on their undersides. Not too smart, though.


  • Its name is a combination of "gyro" and "razor", highlighting its unique form of spinning movement.

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