Aurum Pyrrhon

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Aurum Pyrrhon
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)



Gender: Male
Race: Aurum-infused God
Homeland: Aurum Brain Fortress
Affiliated Faction: Aurum
Other Allies: N/A
Status: Unknown
Voiced By: English:
Troy Baker

Tetsu Inada

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising

—Aurum Pyrrhon

Aurum Pyrrhon, known in Japan as Aurum Lars (オーラムラーズ Ōramurāzu ), is a boss introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising, resulting from Pyrrhon's merging with the Aurum Brain. He is fought by Pit in Chapter 17: The Aurum Brain.



Aurum Pyrrhon has the appearance of regular Pyrrhon, but his chest has a bluish glowing mark, likely caused by fusing with the Aurum. His eyes are also blue instead of the original green. Aurum Pyrrhon also noticeably speaks in a computer-like manner with extreme monotone and lack of inflection.


Aurum Pyrrhon retains most of the attacks of regular Pyrrhon. He can still use his "Pyroblasters" and "Pyro Snake" attack, albeit it moves sluggishly than they usually do. Merging with the Aurum Brain increases the power of his attacks, and also allow control over other Aurum minions.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

At the beginning of the chapter, the sun god Pyrrhon enters the core of the Aurum Brain, heating it up from the inside out with his flames. This causes a huge explosion to happen in the Aurum Brain Fortress, making Palutena react quickly to take Pit out. Once out of the fortress, it is revealed the Brain took complete control over Pyrrhon's mind and his powers. This increases by the second, as when Pit finally re-enters the fortress to fight Pyrrhon, he starts speaking binary. Pyrrhon says "01001011010010010100110001001100", which is ASCII binary for "KILL". Even though eccentric, the old Pyrrhon was shown to have powerful attacks. When under Aurum control, they somewhat become less violent and slower, a great advantage for Pit to win the boss battle. At the end of the chapter after Pyrrhon's defeat, he returns to his senses and sends out a huge pillar of fire that launches the remaining Aurum back into space and all the way to the other side of the galaxy. Whether he fell under Aurum control again or came back to Angel Land afterwards remains a mystery, but either way, this action was commented on by Viridi, with her saying, "He finally does something useful."

Idol Description

After Pyrrhon tries to take over the Aurum Brain and control its vast army, the Aurum Brain wins the battle of minds and absorbs him, destroying his free will and using him as another weapon in its arsenal.


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