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You are the arrow of light that pierces the heart of darkness!

—Viridi raising Pit's morale in Chapter 20

Shizen-ō Nachure (King of Nature Nachure)
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)


Goddess of Nature

Gender: Female
Race: Goddess
Homeland: Overworld
Affiliated Faction: Forces of Nature
Other Allies: Palutena (sometimes), Pit (sometimes), Dark Pit
Status: Alive
Voiced By: English:

Hynden Walch

Dayci Brookshire

Makiko Ohmoto

  • Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Viridi, known in Japan as Nachure (ナチュレ Nachure), is a major character introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. She is the vengeful goddess of nature who has a deep hatred for the human race, to the point that she finds enjoyment in obliterating entire armies of humans with her incredible power. Viridi is shown to have her own elite forces, and is allied with other nature entities such as Arlon and Phosphora. She is also shown to be very young for a goddess, and has a rather childish personality. Her minions are separate from those of the Underworld, and are collectively known as the Forces of Nature. They often clash with both the Underworld Army and Palutena's Army during various parts of the story.



Viridi is a young-looking goddess, resembling an 8-year old human girl[1] (though is estimated to be about 10 by Pit when talking about Ike in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U) who is around 140 cm (4'7") tall[2]. The goddess wears a shin-length dress colored in purple, red and pink, and decorated with numerous vines and branches with a purple flower serving as a corset. She also wields a large, wooden scythe-like staff. Her long, platinum blonde hair reaches all the way to her knees with a bang obscuring her left eye and is also tied up in a ponytail using vines decorated with another purple flower. Although she is a major character, Viridi's in-game model is only ever seen once during the story mode.


I'm not GOING green, I've always BEEN green! I use cloth shopping bags. I compost my food scraps. And I separate my recyclables into fifteen types!

—Viridi's love of nature

Despite her initially destructive introduction, Viridi is actually not necessarily or inherently evil; rather, she desires revenge on the human race for taking advantage of nature. Viridi is very xenophobic and greatly despises humans, feeling that they do not deserve to live after throwing off the balance of nature for so long and she takes sadistic joy in wiping out humanity with her Reset Bombs.

As the goddess of nature, she has a deep affection for plants and wildlife and has a very eco-friendly attitude, claiming that she uses cloth shopping bags, composts her food scraps and separates her recycling into 15 types. This love of nature also extends to her troops. Viridi is shown to be very protective of her forces when compared to the likes of the uncaring Hades, and often refers to them as her "children". Despite this, however, she won't hesitate to sacrifice her troops should the need arise. In Chapter 17, she ordered her Nutskis to take the brunt of Pyrrhon's Pyroblaster to protect Pit, and in Chapter 23, she ordered her troops to attack Hades in an attempt to save Pit when the angel finds himself in the god's innards, fully aware that they would most likely be killed.

When interacting with others, Viridi behaves every bit like the eight year old she resembles. Viridi is mostly characterized by her sharp tongue, often making snide and sarcastic remarks in every situation. Pit even states that Viridi insults him every time he says something. She is childish and argumentative, easy to provoke due to her short temper. As a result of Pit getting in the way of her plans, she often argues with him in a childish manner while sending her Forces of Nature to attack him. Viridi is also noted to be somewhat of a hypocrite. As noted by both Pit and Palutena, Viridi has legitimate grievances against humans for their destruction of nature, but fails to take into account that her actions are far more destructive. Whenever Palutena or Pit confront her with this, Viridi counters by bringing up their conflict with the Underworld Army. However, Viridi has no love for the Underworld Army herself as she opposes their rampant harvesting of souls and believes them to be worse than humans. She also views the Chaos Kin as a greater evil than even the Underworld Army as she imprisoned it within the Lunar Sanctum prior to the game.

However, during the Aurum invasion, she slowly develops a change of heart and eventually becomes Pit's ally temporarily. Despite this, Viridi typically gets annoyed with the angel on a regular basis, and often questions his actions and interests (especially concerning Hot Springs). Even so, she is shown to care about his wellbeing, sending him back-up when he needs it, and initially refusing to grant him the Power of Flight to save Dark Pit, worried that his wings will catch fire. Also, some of her random conversations with Pit about his weapons show that the two are quite capable of getting along. Through her interactions with Pit, Viridi also begins to show a softer side to her as shown in Chapter 19 where Viridi actually comforts Pit after he defeats the Chariot Master, calling the slain warrior an "honorable warrior" whose death Pit should not leave in vain. However, despite warming up to Pit, it's not clear whether her thoughts on humans have changed.

Viridi, like most Kid Icarus characters, is shown to be quite knowledgeable regarding Nintendo games. Viridi routinely breaks the fourth wall on multiple occasions, but gets strangely flustered whenever Pit does it, telling him to be quiet as others can hear him and that they are not supposed to speak of such things. In Chapter 21, she also gets mad when Pit compares the Komaytos to the Metroids from the titular series, stating that the two game universes have nothing to do with each other and that he should not spread rumors. This trait of hers also extends to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U during Palutena's Guidance where she displays her knowledge on the various fighters and gleefully calls out the names of Mega Man's various weapons alongside Pit and Palutena.


As a goddess, Viridi is immortal and possesses unimaginable power over nature. She can manipulate plant life and create countless new lifeforms out of natural materials to fight for her. She can also create weapons out of plant life, such as her most powerful weapon, the Reset Bomb which can easily annihilate anything in its path like a meteor and grow forests wherever it lands. As Viridi is never fought in-game, her combat prowess, if any, is largely unknown. But she is implied to be just as powerful as the other gods, having defeated and imprisoned the Chaos Kin, a being whose power is said to rival that of the gods, prior to the events of the game.

She can also use some of the spells known by Palutena such as the Power of Flight and use it on Pit or the ability to teleport Pit out of dangerous situations. According to Phosphora, Viridi is also capable of reading fortunes, which could also mean she may have the ability to predict the future. In Chapter 19, Viridi showcases the ability to create Hot Springs. Like all the other gods, she can communicate telepathically with others to relay information and astral project herself as a giant figure.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Concept art of Viridi

Viridi first appears during her eponymous chapter after Pit defeats the Phoenix, where she suddenly projects an image of herself in the sky and wipes out multiple armies of humans with a Reset Bomb, all the while laughing wickedly and declaring humanity as "scum". Soon after, a twisted forest of thorns arise from the destroyed area and Palutena orders Pit to explore it in case any humans survived. Throughout their trek in the forest, they encounter Viridi's army, the Forces of Nature. Meanwhile, Palutena tries to reason with Viridi to no avail, as her beliefs are deeply cemented that humans are evil beings who mistreat and take advantage of nature. Seeing no other choice, Pit heads to the forest's center where he comes face to face with its stone guardian, Cragalanche. Despite it being a tough battle, Pit comes out victorious, but Viridi remains calm and mockingly asks the angel on where she should dispatch her next Reset Bomb.

In Chapter 12, Pit and Palutena witness Viridi's army in conflict with Hades's and they hear Viridi's protests about the Underworld Army being worse than humans. Viridi then launches another Reset Bomb at a nearby town full of humans and Pit quickly takes action to defuse the bomb and succeeds. Pit then discovers Viridi's Reset Bomb Depot, where she creates all her Reset Bombs and he heads in to shut it down. Viridi continues to send out countless soldiers to defeat Pit but to no avail, and he soon makes it to the Depot's core where the pod that grows the Reset Bombs lies. Pit then makes quick work of it and the guards, causing the Depot to explode and fall apart. A furious Viridi then appears and tells Pit that he's made it on her "to-kill list".

Viridi's in-game sprite, only seen once throughout the game

in Chapter 14, Viridi and her Forces of Nature engage in an intense battle against the Underworld forces while her commander, Phosphora, goes against the revived Thanatos. With the commanders locked in battle Pit follows the two opposing forces so as to take down the remaining commander once one wins. During the chapter, Viridi is mostly absent. She later observes the exciting and fast-paced boss fight between Pit and Phosphora, but the lightning warrior quickly falls to the angel. This causes the nature goddess to become frustrated due to the fact that one of her best commanders lost to the enemy.

During the beginning of the Aurum invasion in Chapter 15, Viridi is forced to form a temporary alliance with Palutena and Hades in order to defeat the common enemy. Throughout the Aurum arc of the story, Viridi notably begins to warm up towards Pit. One notable moment in Chapter 16, where she helps the angel by lending out some of her soldiers, and Palutena even comments on how Viridi appears to have a soft spot for Pit; however, Viridi aggressively denies this. In Chapter 17 after Pyrrhon merges with the Aurum Brain, she attempts to take him down by using her final Reset Bomb, but unfortunately this has very little effect. Viridi helps Pit again after his Power of Flight runs out by sending a platform carried by her troops to guide the angel to the sun god. However, Pyrrhon manages to destroy all the Nutskis carrying the platform later on. After Pyrrhon is defeated and sends the Aurum Brain to the other end of the galaxy, the nature goddess states that "he finally does something useful."

Viridi unexpectedly appears in the flight mission of Chapter 18, where she grants Pit the Power of Flight and takes him to Skyworld to find his goddess while explaining the situation during the three-year time gap. The two observe the now-evil Palutena as she begins to attack her own servant. The powerful force field surrounding the goddess of light's temple prevents Pit from entering, leaving Viridi no choice but to retreat the angel to her own sanctuary.

In Chapter 19, Viridi takes Pit to the Lightning Chariot Base in order to fetch the legendary Lightning Chariot to pierce through Palutena's force field. Upon reaching the tower, Viridi quickly becomes annoyed from Hades troops and Pit's constant whining regarding if they're at the top of the building yet. Once Pit reaches the Chariot Master and defeats him in a duel, Viridi states that "he was an honorable warrior" and to not "let his death be in vain."

After Pit penetrates the force field surrounding Palutena's Temple in Chapter 20, Viridi explains to Pit about the Chaos Kin and how it was originally a prisoner in Arlon's Lunar Sanctum, which was disposed by Pit three years ago. She believes the demonic entity is the one controlling Palutena and it must be stopped before it eats her soul. Pit manages to defeat the Chaos Kin, but it fools the angel by playing dead then unexpectedly gets up and quickly rips Palutena's soul from her body and creates a portal leading to the Chaos Vortex. Viridi immediately grants him the Power of Flight, but Pit is unable to go through the portal as it begins to shrink. Fortunately, Dark Pit suddenly arrives by charging through with the Lightning Chariot, making the gateway to the vortex large enough to go through.

Viridi guides Pit through the disorienting realm of the Chaos Kin in Chapter 21. She eventually manages to find the real Chaos Kin as it quickly tries to escape. After Pit and Dark Pit defeat the monster, Palutena's soul is returned, but the remaining ashes of the Chaos Kin grab the dark angel, forcing Pit to jump down into the vortex after him. Pit begs Viridi to reactivate the Power of Flight, but Viridi is unwilling to do so as it will burn up his wings. With time running out to rescue Dark Pit, Viridi eventually gives in and allows Pit to fly, but this action does cost his wings.

With Pit's wings burnt up, Viridi joins Palutena and Dark Pit's journey to the Rewind Spring to revive Pit in Chapter 22. The trio discover Hades's true startling intentions, leaving Viridi horrified as human souls have been used to create the Underworld monsters the entire time.

Viridi joins Pit's final battle with Hades in Chapter 25, where she first simply observes the fight, but later provides the angel with the Power of Flight when the Great Sacred Treasure is destroyed. After the Underworld god is vanquished, she comments how humans are still a problem, showing her views on humanity have not completely changed, making it unclear if she plans to continue pursuing the mortals in the future.

Idol Description

The goddess of nature. Viridi wants to exterminate the humans on the surface world, believing they have corrupted the natural order. Yet she also opposes the destruction and blind harvesting of souls committed by the Underworld Army.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Viridi as seen in the background of the Uprising-inspired stage. Note: This is a beta screenshot, where Viridi was given a pair of red roses on her hair band which were removed in the final product.

Viridi appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS in the background of the Reset Bomb Forest stage. A static image of her projection will appear in the background while she yells, "Good riddance human scum. The world's better off without you!", just moments before the Reset Bomb hits the stage.

She also appears in the Wii U version as a stage character in Palutena's Temple when Pit activates his Palutena's Guidance, where she will talk about the other fighters. Specifically in Dark Pit's, she will mention that she is still enemies with Pit and Palutena, despite them being allies previously to defeat the Chaos Kin and Hades. She especially seems to hold a strong grudge against Pit, likely due to the fact she has not forgiven his actions of destroying her Reset Bomb Depot, and prevented her goal of exterminating the humans.

In both games, Palutena has a palette swap based on Viridi's color schemes.

On September 30th, 2015, Nintendo used Viridi's appearance to serve as the basis of a downloadable costume for Mii Swordfighters. Nintendo also released a QR code for those who wish to have the exact Mii used in the costume's advertising.

Hynden Walch returned to voice Viridi in this game, however, she was not credited. Makiko Ohmoto reprises her role as Viridi in the Japanese version.

Trophy Description

The goddess of nature, she believes it is her duty to return heaven and earth to their pure states, and so she labels humans as contaminants of nature that should be eliminated. She butts heads with the human-protecting Palutena but hates the soul-stealing Hades even more.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Viridi makes an appearance in the Reset Bomb Forest stage, once again temporarily shown in the background before the bomb detonates. The wise-cracking goddess of nature also returns to Palutena's Guidance on Palutena's Temple. She has brand new conversations for some of the veteran fighters, the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U DLC characters, and the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate newcomers.

The Mii costume of Viridi is available again as well. Viridi also appears as a spirit, she is a legend support spirit with her ability of increasing all damage taken to metal opponents. She can be summoned by using cores of Xerneas, Alraune, any neutral core and any support core. Her battle is on the Reset Bomb Forest stage against a Mii Swordfighter on her costume who has increased power on special moves and a giant Kirby that represents Cragalanche, the fight has 55 seconds limit and only the Mii swordfighter need to be defeated to win.

Hynden Walch did not return to voice Viridi for the new Palutena's Guidance conversations, and was replaced by Dayci Brookshire in the English version[3]. The conversations for the veteran fighters were completely redone by Brookshire as well. Makiko Ohmoto reprises Viridi in the Japanese version.


  • Viridi's name comes from the Latin word, viridis, which means "green" and/or "youthful", which fits her character quite well.
  • Viridi could be based on any number of Greek goddesses of nature such as Gaia, Artemis, and Demeter. Given that she calls her soldiers, "children", and the fact that her Japanese name comes from the English word, "nature", she may be inspired by the concept of Mother Nature, the personification of nature itself.
  • Viridi is the only major character that Pit never fights in the game.
  • Viridi has her own domain which the player can use late in the story instead of Palutena's. When returning back to Palutena's domain, it can be changed back to Viridi's in the hidden options menu. Hearts can be donated to either goddess this way.
  • In a conversation in Chapter 16, it is strongly implied that Viridi may have feelings for Pit. This would explain why she helps him in later chapters.
  • Along with Palutena, Viridi is one of two characters to have two weapons named after them: the Viridi Palm and the Viridi Claws.
  • In the Japanese version of Uprising, Viridi is referred to as a tsundere, which means a character who initially shows a cold or even hostile personality towards another person, before gradually showing a warm and caring side over time.


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