The War's End

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The War's End
Ch25 final.png
Preceded By: The Three Trials
Followed By: N/A
Locations: Underworld, Overworld (Final Battleground)
Major Characters: Hades

The War's End is the twenty-fifth and final chapter in the storyline of Kid Icarus: Uprising. It's an exclusively aerial stage, entirely composed of the final battle against Hades and includes the true credits sequence upon defeating the mighty god. The overall final battle is split into five distinct parts.

Final Boss Battle

Part 1

At the start of the chapter, Pit activates the Great Sacred Treasure and flies through the Underworld to seek Hades, with both Palutena and Viridi watching the battle with great anticipation. After effortlessly eliminating hordes of Underworld troops with the powerful Sacred Treasure, Hades jumps out of the ground and the battle begins. Although he executes many powerful cinematic attacks, the Great Sacred Treasure will automatically assist in dodging these moves, while Pit's focus is on the individual projectiles he launches with his cape and hands. Hades eventually spawns a nearly unavoidable twister by spinning rapidly, before quickly sprinting after the angel while unleashing more projectile attacks. After beating Hades, he will attempt to crush Pit with his foot, only to miss and launch himself back towards the Overworld thereafter. The Great Sacred Treasure proceeds to transform into Pursuit Mode and gives chase.


  • Mega Laser: Hades opens the fight with a powerful laser beam from his hand. Unlike the rest of Hades' attacks, this attack is not cinematic and will damage Pit if he flies too low to the ground.
  • Clap: Hades tries to crush the Great Sacred Treasure in between his hands.
  • Laser Orbs: Hades creates purple orbs that shoot fireballs.
  • Pound: Hades leaps into the air and punches the ground in an attempt to crush the Great Sacred Treasure, getting his arm stuck.
  • Dark Breath: Hades uses the same breath attack used to destroy the Three Sacred Treasures
  • Twister: Hades rapidly spins around, creating a powerful tornado that can narrowly be avoided by staying to the bottom corner of the screen.
  • Eye Beams: Hades fires lasers from his eyes as he chases Pit.
  • Diving Kick: Hades performs a diving kick in a final effort to destroy the Great Sacred Treasure.

Part 2

After Pit catches up to Hades, the Underworld leader will introduce his "devastation ensemble" of laser turrets that appear all over his legs, which must be destroyed. The battle then moves to his cape, where he spawns more turrets that resemble his "lovely visage". Hades' main weakpoint here is the purple circular object at the top of his cape, which must be shot at to cause him any more harm. Upon damaging this object enough, Hades will turn around and launch a barrage of lasers at Pit, causing damage to the Great Sacred Treasure as it transforms into its Mech Armor Mode. The battle then moves to the god's upper body.


  • Laser Turrets: The various turrets on Hades's legs will fire lasers. They must be destroyed to proceed.
  • Face Turrets: Hades's cape will spawn turrets with his face that fire missiles.
  • Void Lasers: The swirling vortex on Hades's cape will fire dark energy blasts.

Part 3

During this part, more laser turrets appear on Hades that must be shot at and destroyed. He will then summon a portal on his hand that causes a force of suction while he fires blue shots from his eyes. After destroying this portal, he will repeat the same attack with his other hand, which must be dealt with in the same way. The battle then moves to his chest, where more turrets appear that shoot lasers at Pit. Hades' weak-point here is the gash that Dark Pit left behind when he rescued Pit with the Lightning Chariot during Chapter 23. The yellow shield defending this weakness must be destroyed before the gash itself can be attacked. Upon causing enough damage to this area, Hades will quickly grab Pit and attempt to drill his armor off. Before he could do so, however, the top portion of the Sacred Treasure detaches from the rest of its body and slices Hades in half with a giant plasma sword. The Great Sacred Treasure then changes into Ultralight Mode. They both make it to the Overworld and land near a town, where Hades regenerates his legs, much to Pit's surprise.


  • Laser Turrets: Hades will spawn more laser turrets on his arms and body.
  • Vortex: Hades creates vortexes on his hands to draw Pit close and hold him in place to fire more energy blasts.
  • Energy Ball: Fires dark energy blasts from the wound on his chest.

Part 4

For this part, Palutena warns Pit that the blue projectiles launched by Hades must be shot at, while Viridi tells him to avoid attacking the smaller purple projectiles (as they will cause unavoidable damage if hit). In addition to these attacks, the Underworld god will occasionally unleash a barrage of energy shields, one of which is usually red and launches fire-based projectiles that home in on Pit. Hades' new weak-point is the gem located just above his regenerated legs, which must be shot at while avoiding all of his other dangerous attacks. Once he is defeated, Pit attempts to deliver the finishing blow, but Hades disappears before he can reach him. He then reappears and quickly smashes the Great Sacred Treasure between his palms. Now completely defenseless, Pit begins falling back down to the surface world and must be controlled to land on the target reticle below him.

The angel will land on the ground as Hades prepares his most powerful attack just for him. During this time, Palutena senses a powerful force seeking Hades, and instructs Pit to keep the aiming reticle on the god by continuously sliding it towards him. If successful, this will reveal a revived Medusa as the force, who defends Pit from Hades' attack by crushing his head in. Claiming that she has grown annoyed with Hades constantly reviving her to use as his puppet, Medusa attempts to attack a second time, only to be quickly destroyed by him once again, stating "I am your master and I will revive you as many times as I please", after regenerating his head, which now resembles a hitodama or a Will-o'-the-Wisp.


  • Barriers: Hades fires small barriers that cannot be destroyed save for the red barrier that shoots fireballs.
  • Energy Ball: Hades fires blue and purple energy balls. The blue ones must be destroyed to avoid damage while the purple ones will damage Pit if he shoots them.
  • Final Laser: Hades opens a third eye on his forehead and begins to charge up a powerful laser blast. If Pit doesn't fill the gauge before Hades fires, its an instant Game Over.

Part 5

Shocked at this turn of events, Pit grabs the main cannon from the remnants of the Great Sacred Treasure while Viridi grants him the Power of Flight once again. This final part consists of Pit avoiding two continuous laser attacks from Hades' hands, as well as one that occasionally launches from his head that follows the angel. During this time, he must wait for the cannon to fully charge before he can launch the finishing blow on Hades. Upon doing so, the powerful blast from the weapon will obliterate the Underworld lord once and for all.


  • Laser Beams: Hades's only attack. He fires two laser beams from his hands that cover the upper and lower parts of the screen while firing a sweeping laser from his forehead.


With Hades finally defeated, the people of the nearby town begin to celebrate as Pit flies above the area in victory. Before he can enjoy his moment, however, Viridi interrupts and states that they're back to the real problem, humans. She says that it's true that Palutena says that humans are the closest, she can be real sap sometimes, and asks Pit why he cares so much about that. Pit explains to Viridi that humans are the only living creatures with faith and devotion, meaning that only humans believe in gods, and respect gods. Viridi states that Pit is not a god, and asks him if he's saying that only believers deserve protection. Palutena tells Viridi to let Pit enjoy his moment in the sun, and that he saved everyone, not just humans. Viridi then asks if the only point of faith and devotion is getting greedy wishes granted by the gods. Pit tells her that that's one way of looking at it, before he is distracted by Dark Pit flying alongside him, having been granted the Power of Flight by Palutena. Viridi tells Pit to pay attention to her, and asks Palutena if she's learned anything. Palutena says that it's true that humans are selfish creatures who are driven by greed, while also pointing out that the gods are no different. Pit laughs, stating that no one could be as selfish as the gods. Viridi mimics Pit's laughter, stating that she's done here, and that they can have their happy ending as Pit and Dark Pit fly into the sunset.


Japanese screenshot showing Pit sneezing instead. Note: This particular expression for Pit is also never used in the English localization.
  • This is the only exclusively aerial chapter in the game.
  • It is also the only chapter where your choice of weapon is never used, as only the Great Sacred Treasure can defeat Hades. However, weapon modifiers that are active in regular Air Battles will carry over to the Great Sacred Treasure.
  • Dark Pit's flight being granted by Palutena is evidenced by his wings glowing blue, and the fact that Pit's were glowing green, having had his flight granted by Viridi while he finished off Hades.
  • This is the only chapter in the game that does not play the "I'm Finished!" fanfare upon being defeated.
  • Interestingly, in the Japanese version of the game, Pit is the one that sneezes in the beginning instead of Hades.
  • Occasionally, a glitch will happen during the battle where the treasure will fight Hades's New Legs form as Mech-Armor mode instead of Ultralight mode, causing only charged shots to be effective without a shot range multiplier.
  • If one waits after the credits sequence for a while, Hades' soul will begin speaking to the player, shattering what remains of the fourth wall. He will actually congratulate Pit, calling him one of the greatest Nintendo characters for defeating him. He also proclaims that Kid Icarus: Uprising is his favorite game, pretends to delete the player's save data, and even comically claims that he has another 25 years to figure out how to revive himself for a sequel. To prove he is not a sore loser, he also unlocks Boss Battles.

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