Boss Battles

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For the specific gameplay in most chapter, see Kid Icarus: Uprising/Boss Battle

Boss Battles is a mode that is unlocked in Kid Icarus: Uprising. It is unlocked by beating the game. This mode puts Pit against twenty-six rounds of the game's bosses that are fought at the end of each chapter except Chapter 25 (with the exception of Magnus, Gaol, and Pseudo-Palutena in The Three Trials) The mode doesn't include minibosses though, and interestingly, neither does it contain Hades. This survival mode contains five Drink of the Gods to replenish health.

Bosses Fought in Order

  1. Twinbellows the Ferocious
  2. Dark Lord Gaol
  3. Hewdraw Reborn
  4. Great Reaper
  5. Goddess of Calamity, Pandora
  6. Dark Pit
  7. God of Death, Thanatos
  8. Galactic Fiend Kraken
  9. Medusa, Queen of the Underworld
  10. The Immortal Phoenix
  11. Cragalanche the Mighty
  12. Reset Bomb Pod
  13. Arlon the Serene
  14. Lightning Flash, Phosphora
  15. Aurum Core
  16. Aurum Generator
  17. Aurum Pyrrhon
  18. Pit's Body
  19. Chariot Master
  20. Goddess Palutena
  21. Chaos Kin
  22. Amazon Pandora
  23. Heart of Hades
  24. Magnus & Gaol
  25. Pseudo-Palutena
  26. Great Sacred Treasure


At the end of Boss Battles, you are given a weapon for beating the Great Sacred Treasure as if this was a regular level. If you beat it on easy mode however, you unlock intensities for the boss battle, giving you a chance to earn greater weapons.