Great Reaper

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Great Reaper
Biggu Shinigami
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Affiliation(s): Underworld Army
Enemy Type: Grounded

The Great Reaper, known in Japan as Big Reaper (ビッグ死神 Biggu Shinigami), is a massive version of the normal Reaper, acting as the boss of an area known as the Reaper Fortress in Kid Icarus: Uprising. The Great Reaper is also the "Elder Reaper". The Elder Reaper is able to take the form of a regular Reaper to go throughout his domain. Also being able to transform back into the Great Reaper form. Upon taking this form, the Great Reaper towers above Pit and becomes much stronger. Because of its size, Pit will need to climb to the upper level of the arena where it's fought in order to attack its weak point: the Reaper's head. During the fight, the Great Reaper uses a wide variety of attacks depending on the level that Pit is located. It will primarily attack with its scythe when Pit is up higher, or try to crush him when at ground level. It can also summon Reapettes if Pit is hit with its ray that emits from his eyes. The Great Reaper serves as the boss of Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of Sight.


The Great Reaper in Uprising.


The Great Reaper has a much more dangerous and threatening appearance compared to its smaller counterpart. Unlike the traditional Reaper, its skeletal feet are clearly visible, resembling tyrannosaurus-like claws. It wears a purple, tattered cloak that seems to end in shadowy flames that surround its feet. Great Reaper also dons a necklace decorated with skulls and green fireballs and a crown-like headpiece in addition to gaining a much larger scythe with a bone-like handle and a black and red serrated blade.


Being an elder Reaper, the Great Reaper is far more powerful than his kindred. According to its idol description, the Great Reaper gained his form by devouring the souls in the Reaper Fortress. In battle, the Great Reaper uses his size to his advantage by attempting to crush Pit underfoot. It also wields its massive scythe in battle, employing a powerful spin attack or firing crescent beams of energy from its blade. Like other Reapers, he can fire red lights from his eyes, but he uses it in a more offensive manner, summoning Reapettes if the beam connects. The Great Reaper is capable of using his magic to hide Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit. The seal is so great that not even Palutena could find it until he was killed. He can also use his magic to shrink down to the size of a regular Reaper, usually to take relaxing strolls around the fortress.

In Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Great Reaper makes his appearance in Chapter 4. Palutena sends Pit to the Reaper Fortress to find and destroy whatever is hiding Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit. Sneaking his way to the heart of the fortress, Pit encounters the Great Reaper as it takes a relaxing stroll through the fortress. Seeing Pit, the Great Reaper assumes his true form and engages Pit in battle. After a heated fight, Pit manages to fell the Great Reaper, revealing the location of the Labyrinth of Deceit.

Idol Description

An elder Reaper who has grown enormous feasting on the souls in the Reaper fortress. Despite his mighty stature, the Great Reaper will sometimes use magic to shrink himself and enjoy a relaxing stroll through his execrable death castle.

In Super Smash Bros. 4

The Great Reaper is one of the numerous collectible trophies in the 3DS version of the game.

Trophy Description

NA Version: The Great Reaper stands guard within the Reaper Fortress. One swing of his scythe will send a shiver down anyone's spine. If his piercing, red laser vision strikes Pit, expect a wave of Reapettes to arrive! When he takes enough damage and hunches over, aim for the golden light on his head!

PAL Version: The Great Reaper awaits Pit near the entrance to the Underworld. His scythe strikes terror into the hearts of all living in Skyworld, and he can summon his little Reapettes at a moment's notice. Damage him enough and he'll stumble - that's your chance to take him down!


  • Despite appearing in the other games of the franchise, the Reaper never originally had the ability to grow into a Great Reaper. However this could be attributed to its status as the elder of its kind.
  • It is interesting to note that the blade pattern of the Great Reaper's scythe can be seen on the many traps scattered throughout the Reaper's Fortress.
  • At the Nintendo World 2011 event, during Masahiro Sakurai's demonstration of the game, he humorously compared the Great Reaper's size to a Gundam.[1]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Grand Faucheur Great Reaper
German Riesenschnitter Giant Reaper
Italian Megafalce Mega Reaper
Spanish Funesto Supremo Supreme Reaper


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