Soul-Eating Monster

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Soul-Eating Monster
Soul-Eating Monster.jpg
First Appearance: Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)
Latest Appearance:

Kid Icarus: Uprising (2012)

Affiliation(s): Unaffiliated
Enemy Type: Aerial
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The Soul-Eating Monster is a miniboss that appears in Kid Icarus: Uprising that has the appearance of a monstrous gulper eel. As its name implies, it eats the souls of weaker people that Hades does not use to create more troops. It is unaffiliated, attacking anyone that lurks in its home, the City of Souls.

This monster is only seen in Chapter 22, Scorched Feathers. In order to defeat it, the player must first destroy all the sack-like growths consisting of souls on its back. Once this is complete, a weak point in his mouth is revealed. Once shot at a few times, the monster is defeated. If it is not taken down by a certain point, the creature will give up the chase and fly away. As for attack and defense, the Soul-Eating Monster shoots plasma-based projectiles from it sacks. It also heavily relies on the Underworld Army to protect it.

Idol Description

A monster that has long lurked in the City of Souls. Its diet consists of souls, which it swallows like a whale feeding on plankton. Yet with its sawlike teeth, the Soul-Eating Monster can chew through more... substantial meals as well.



  • Despite living in the Underworld, the Soul-Eating Monster is not part of the Underworld Army and is considered to be unaffiliated by its Idol and AR card. However, its battle arrows appear purple, indicating allegiance to the Underworld Army.

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