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Hanan Glasses
First Appearance: Kid Icarus (1986)
Latest Appearance:

Super Smash Bros. 4 (2014)

Affiliation(s): Underworld Army
Enemy Type: Aerial

Specknoses, known in Japan as Hanan Glasses (メガネハナーン Meganehanān), are recurring enemies in the Kid Icarus series. This creature looks like a flying nose with eyes with tentacles that resemble a mustache. It often appears in large groups when attacking.


The Specknose is one of three enemies based on an exaggerated facial feature, the others being Monoeye and Mick. It is an organism resembling a nose wearing spectacles, as its name suggests, giving it a rather bizarre appearance. The creature also has what looks like a mustache at first sight, although it is actually a collection of feelers that it can use for hunting or attacking. In the first Kid Icarus, Specknoses hate sunlight and are territorial, swarming around intruders like bats. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, they adapted to brighter conditions and can now attack in broad daylight without consequence. Additionally, they have displayed a unique ability to carry weapons within their nostrils, such as bombs.


Kid Icarus

A swarm of Specknose

Specknoses are enemies that only appear in Enemy Lairs. They fly in a swarm-like pattern, similar to Ganewmedes and Tros. Unlike most enemies, though, Specknoses are not worth any experience points.

Manual Description

An inhabitant of the enemy's nest. A real coward, it hates brightly lit places. However, it'll jump out real fast once it's spotted Pit.

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
1 2 10 0

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Specknose in Uprising

Specknose returns in Kid Icarus: Uprising as a much more challenging enemy than before. Not only is it unusually strong compared to other enemies, but it also has a powerful projectile bomb attack that it launches from both of its nostrils; these bombs have an image of a Specknose imprinted on them. It no longer attacks in large swarms, and can now fight alongside other enemies with brute force. In addition, a Specknose can also fake out Pit by sneezing at him.

Idol Description

Specknose prefers damp climates and, while cowardly by nature, isn't afraid to launch sneeze bombs at the first sight of prey. Its mustache-like growth is actually a set of tentacles. Gross, right?

Other Appearances

NES Remix 2

In NES Remix 2, Specknoses appear as enemies in the Kid Icarus challenge.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Specknose appear as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Trophy Description

Let's get one thing straight here—those are tentacles, not hair, hanging under that oversized nose. Specknoses may look goofy, but you should be wary of the dangerous projectiles they can shoot from their nostrils. Ew! I hope those are just regular bombs...



  • The Japanese name for Specknose is a play on words of the words Hana (鼻) meaning nose, and Megane (メガネ) meaning glasses.
  • Specknose bears a striking resemblance to the famous novelty glasses modeled after Groucho Marx, a famous comedian from the 1930s.
    • According to an interview from the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream the enemy Specknose was inspired by the composer of Kid Icarus, Hirokazu Tanaka. Toru Osawa and other staff joked that Hirokazu Tanaka has an "enormous nose" and noted that if someone brought 'nose glasses' to the company, people would playfully joke "It's Hirokazu Tanaka!" [1]
  • In the original Japanese version of Kid Icarus, the worst ending had Pit being transformed into a Specknose. This was removed in the English version, and replaced with an extra 'best' ending.


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